Neil Roberts

Neil Roberts

I started out as a Video Tape Editor in the 1980’s and was one of the first editors to embrace non-linear editing at the beginning of the 90’s

I then went on to work for Lightworks and was instrumental in the development of their Heavyworks and Newsworks systems, sharing in the Technical Emmy that was awarded to the Heavyworks system.

After Lightworks I moved to Discreet logic (now part of Autodesk) where I was the European product specialist for Smoke and Fire.

I am an accredited Smoke trainer, I also do DaVinci Resolve training and I am an Independent Certified Expert for Sony.

We recently reviewed HP's 17in Mobile workstation and, while were very pleased with the performance, it wasn't necessarily the most portable of laptops. However, HP has now produced a 14in ZBook, dubbed it an Ultrabook Workstation, and loaded it with some very useful features.

Is it time to change the rules of editing?

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark replay: The process of editing has progressed from the physical cutting and splicing of film to the infinite possibilities of computer based non-linear editing. Is it time to change how we do things?

We have lift-off! All of a sudden we feel as if we're reaching another significant tipping point for 4K as we've just seen an Acer 4K monitor and a couple of Dell units on sale for less than $450 (£300). And the good people at SpaceX have just provided a rather lovely 2:06 of footage to watch on them too. 

Editors rely on computers with fast processing, plenty of memory and storage and a fast graphics card. HP's new ZBook Range seems to have all that and more and are truly mobile workstations. Neil Roberts recently got the chance to put one through its paces.

While 4K is becoming commonplace, and even 8K is obtainable, the latest medium format digital cameras from Phase One allow timelapse shooting at 10K resolution

Has Neil Young created the Ultimate Portable Music Player?

Published in Audio

The iPod created a revolution in portable music but the price we pay for portability is a lack of quality. Now Neil Young has created the ultimate portable player for audiophiles, Pono

Nvidia has a new mobile chip that's as powerful as the world's fastest supercomputer in the year 2000

Samsung's new SM951 SSD drive is designed for the next generation of Ultrabooks with read speeds up to 2.15GB/s, but draws a mere 2mW of power in standby.

CES 2015: G-Technology gets ruggedised

Published in Technology & Computing

G-Technology, makers of external hard drives and chassis, has just launched a new ruggedised version of its EV drives at CES 2015

Dell Shows a Whole New Portfolio at CES 2015

Published in Technology & Computing

Dell had a busy CES, with new products in its XPS, Alienware, Venue, Inspiron and Display ranges. You can read the full Press Release later, but here are the highlights

HP mobile workstations get latest Intel chips

Published in Technology & Computing

HP's new Ultrabook Workstations are thinner, lighter and feature the latest 5th Generation Core processors from Intel, making them ideal remote editing systems.

Samsung launches tiny high-speed portable SSD

Published in Technology & Computing

A portable SSD drive about the size of a business card? Samsung makes it even easier to move your media around.

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