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A post-apocalyptic vision that's not a vision but reality

Published in Production

Only now is drone cinematography revealing the true scale of the Chernobyl disaster

Why do companies do this?

Published in Business

Why do companies do this? Why do they risk their stellar reputation by creating technology and design hybrids that position style over function?

AJA CION Shipping date announced

Published in Production

AJA's CION Production Camera will ship this year

Pointless pixels?

Published in Technology & Computing

Just when you thought you didn't need any more pixels on your mobile screen, along comes Sharp with an even sharper one

JVC launches an entire range of 4K camcorders

Published in Production

With three new camcorders and a 4K remote head camera, this is possibly the most prolific launch in the history of 4K

You can download Blackmagic Fusion now, and it's free!

Published in Post & VFX

That was quick! Just two months after Blackmagic announced that it had bought Fusion, it's available now for download.

Testing YouTube's 48p high frame rate format

Published in Studio & Broadcast

Here's a test video of YouTube's new 48p format, shot on the Sony F65

The Sony A7S has an extraordinary dynamic range

Published in Production

Sony's A7S has a low noise floor which helps it to achieve Sony's claimed 15.3 stops (at least with still shots - and it's not far from that with video). But what does this look like?

In this precision-made music video, aerial drones play a crucial part. But even understanding how these work, there's some mind-blowing co-ordination and precision in this clip

Open source compositing tool nears launch

Published in Post & VFX

Funded by French national research institution INRIA the development of the open source node-based compositing application is receiving strong support from CG artists, building an enthusiastic group of followers and contributors.

The legendary Panasonic VariCam returns - and it's ready to take on everyone!

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