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Emotional Apple Ad shows how far consumer technology has come

Published in Audio

In our lifetimes, things have changed more than we can easily imagine

A music video that relies on extreme edge detection

Published in Production

Here's a pretty extreme look for a music video. You've never seen footage from a RED Epic look like this. Find out how - and why - it was done

Star Wars: waiting for the breakdown truck

Published in Post & VFX

A nifty piece of CGI is behind this quick comedy clip that imagines a Star Wars incident on a busy motorway

Unboxing a Sony FS7

Published in Production

It's always exciting when a new camera arrives. Here's what Sony's new PXW-FS7 looks like fresh out of the box

How do you deal with putting your data on hard disks when you're up a mountain? Kamil Tamiola explains

The next generation of audio for TV

Published in Studio & Broadcast

The next generation of audio for television is set to be much more flexible

Samsung's new SSDs have faster speeds and use less power

Atomos Shogun Delayed by firmware issues

Published in Technology & Computing

It's never easy launching a sophisticated video product on time. Here's a good example: Atomos' Shogun has been delayed by firmware issues

How To Edit - a recap

Published in Post & VFX

Peter Haas' recent "How to Edit" series has been extremely popular, but we omitted a link to the final part, which means that many of you missed it. All the correct links are given below

A post-apocalyptic vision that's not a vision but reality

Published in Production

Only now is drone cinematography revealing the true scale of the Chernobyl disaster

Why do companies do this?

Published in Business

Why do companies do this? Why do they risk their stellar reputation by creating technology and design hybrids that position style over function?

AJA CION Shipping date announced

Published in Production

AJA's CION Production Camera will ship this year

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