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Gorgeous-looking time lapse/tilt-shift video of Boston

Published in Production

Time Lapse and Tilt-Shift are used in this lovely film taken in Boston. For anyone that lives there, it will be a fond reminder of what this fantastic city looks like when it's not under seven feet of snow

Important new upgrades for the Sony FS7

Published in Production

Sony has announced some important updates to its popular FS7 camera, including full DCI 4K, ProRes and 4 audio inputs.

This is the fastest affordable drive combination we've ever tested

This is a monitor you're (literally) going to want to watch

Kodak confirms that film isn't going away

Published in Production

Kodak has committed to keep producing film for studios and filmmakers - for as long as they want to use it

Resolve 11.2, announced today, has some useful upgrades, including one that will make it easier to move between raw files and more "conventional" colour spaces

Did you see the story from a couple of days ago about the drone that crash-landed in the White House garden? Seems that it has led to the oddest reason for a firmware update ever...

In April last year we reviewed the Dell M3800, which was a slim, stylish, mobile workstation. You rarely see those words in the same sentence, because mobile workstation laptops have traditionally been essentially desktop computers crammed, rather uncomfortably, into a portable case. Now, it seems Dell has done it again...

Just in case you'd started to think that all sound effects libraries are the same, here's one with a genuine difference.

With computer graphics power increasing faster than Moore's Law, we've come a long way in seventeen years...

Atomos Shogun firmware updated to give playback

Published in Production

Atomos' Shogun 4K recorder/monitor has been shipping for a few weeks - in quite large numbers, apparently - but has lacked a major feature: playback. Now, as promised, that's been fixed with a new firmware upgrade.

Coming soon: 5K video down a USB cable

Published in Technology & Computing

Rumors of a new 12in slimmed-down Macbook Air have revealed details of an eye-popping capability for the new C-Type USB connection.

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