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Arguments about film vs digital are more numerous and more subtle than "which looks better?". It affects everything. Here's what people at the coal-face think. By Matt Aindow

Yes up to 64GB of memory is impressive, but the real step change that the latest Mac Pro ushered in was the sheer amount of Floating Point Operations Per Second it could crank through. Guest Author Tommy Byrd on the importance of the FLOP.

In this Sponsored Article, we learn a bit of the history of file transfers over the internet, why all cloud services are not created equal, and more about a current product that may be the answer to your cloud-based file transer needs.

Red Shark's Apple expert, K. Stewart, details the new ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook, the Apple Watch pricing and all the other announcements from an extremely packed and internet-breaking Apple keynote.

Guest author Roland Denning on where it’s all gone wrong for the modern documentary camera and some suggestions on how to put its evolution back on track.

Making sounds in the editing room

Published in Post & VFX

Guest Author Vladomir Boboshin details exactly what you can do when your role shifts from editor to emergency sound designer.

Turning Piratez into consumers - Part One

Published in Business

Piratez are just disgruntled consumers. In a major new series, Guest Author Gabriel Dusil charts the origins of digital piracy and some of the methods that have been developed to halt its progress.

How to be successful on Kickstarter

Published in Business

Exploding Kittens, one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever, is about to end in a blizzard of new record breaking numbers. What lessons can a card game provide anyone who is thinking about crowd-funding a film project? Actually, as Guest Author Axel Mertes details, quite a few…

What is the "cinema feel"?

Published in Post & VFX

There's a quality to the cinema experience that 'cinema feel' people discuss in relation to depth of field, grain, contrast and other image characteristics, all of which have changed significantly with digitalisation. But why? Guest Author John Clark delves into frame rates and the science of perception.

What is it about Film?

Published in Production

"There is no creative advantage to shooting film" says a top industry figure.  So why do top movie directors keep using it? By Matt Aindow

How to take your editing kit on the road

Published in Post & VFX

Guest author Vladimir Boboshin give us the low-down on the equipment he brings when editing on the move.

Whatever happened to the Hi-Fi Tower?

Published in Audio

Over the span of two decades entertainment has evolved from a physical to a virtual industry. Guest author Gabriel Dusil explores how our world of entertainment has evolved and what happened to the once-prestigious Hi-Fi tower.

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