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RedShark News contributor George Krieger sat down with Jeffrey Martin, the creator of Sphericam 2, a tiny prosumer VR camera array and currently red-hot Kickstarter campaign.

Sony, anticipating that high dynamic range 4K is the next evolutionary step for production workflows and eventually consumer displays, debuts the BVM-X300 4K OLED monitor with a million-to-one contrast ratio and a much wider color gamut. By Neal Romanek.

Apple reveals its latest plans at WWDC15

Published in Technology & Computing

Apple Music, Metal for Mac OS Pro Apps and plenty more at WWDC15. This was a sprawling, diffuse keynote that, if nothing else, helped illustrate how Steve Jobs’ famously focused company has evolved to compete on so many different fronts, even if the product line would still fit on a single table. Report by K. Stewart.

Europe to get tough on drone fliers?

Published in Production

With the US adopting a far more relaxed viewpoint on UAV legislation, the Dutch government’s newly hardline stance has taken many by surprise. Guest author Willem Kootstra, journalist and documentary film maker, wonders what the implications may be for the rest of Europe.

In praise of the sound recordist

Published in Audio

Now this may seem weird coming from someone who’s been a cameraman for most of his working life and maybe it’s bit late to make amends, but I think it is time to reassert the importance of the sound recordist. By Roland Denning.

In our article How should we test cameras? we asked what was better: unblinking scientific testing or judging on the percieved quality of the image, and we discussed some of the issues surrounding camera evaluations. But we thought it was only right to get the perspective from the people on the front-end doing the reviews themselves. Here, Roland Denning says the ultimate test takes time.

Part one of this examination of SSD technology touched on the differences between various types of NAND flash and the impact that SLC, MLC and TLC (3-cell MLC) NAND flash has on pricing. In part two, Guest Author, Leo Waldock, details the next step: coming up with some solid guidelines for selecting a suitable SSD for your workstation.

Drone Report: Red-hot consumer UAVs for filmmakers

Published in Production

Guest author George Krieger, cinematographer and drone pilot (amongst many other things) takes us on a drone tour circa 2015, revealing the hottest consumer drones that will undoubtedly find their way to productions near you.

SSDs are a very good thing. But how do you decide which of the many types you should buy for your new workstation?

Sponsored Article: Rendering is the bottleneck between you and your profits

Given all the effort and expense spent on making impressive visuals, it's a bit of a waste when you consider the woeful state of image fidelity on consumer televisions. The answer to this problem requires an adjustment...of attitude. By Roland Denning.

(Not) NAB 2015: Though Apple has only had one two NAB appearances in the past 8 years, that hasn’t stopped it from timing major updates for when the annual conference comes around. And this year is no different, as Apple releases Final Cut Pro 10.2, Motion 5.2, and Compressor 4.2. Daniel G Roberts is your guide.

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