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15 Aug

Amazing new SSDs for professionals: We test the fastest, toughest and safest SSDs, ever

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As far as performance is concerned, they're made from synchronised 3000PE/cycle grade A micron NANDs and are optimised for speed and reliability throughout. We tested the SSD2go Pro via USB3 with the Blackmagic Disk Test and here are the results. (Remember that this is a first look. We did nothing to optimise our test set-up and we went through a USB 3 hub. Under more scientific conditions, other independent testers have achieved even higher speeds than this. If we had tested the eSATA connection we would have seen even higher speeds.)

Speed Test

To be honest, we're blown away by these drives. The SSD2go Pro is so fast that you could easily even run a virtual machine from it. For transferring your video files, there's nothing like it. You could certainly edit directly from it.

The AVPro SSD feels like it was always intended to be used as a removable cartridge. It's as if it was designed as a new type of media cartridge that has to last for ages in tough conditions, and be very fast at the same time. It's almost analogous to XDCAM or P2 storage - both designed for rugged, professional use, except that they don't come clad in solid aluminium. When you see it, you realise how inadequate "standard" SSDs are. And with the built-in UPSs to avoid cache errors (data loss) if power is lost, your data is safer than it's ever been.

RedShark Recommended

These aren't cheap, but they inspire confidence, with amazingly high speeds and a wide range of safety measures. We think they're utterly professional, and in today's production landscape, you really do need something like this.

Highly recommended.

We'll be looking at these drives in more detail soon. For more info go to Angelbird.

The products are expected to be released around the same time as IBC in September




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  • I wonder if they're fast enough to allow the BMD Shuttle/Cinema to record HD @ 50P/60P instead of the current 50i/60i limitation...

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  • Good question, Craig. I'm pretty sure that they'd be fast enough, but it depends on the software and the processing power in the Shuttle. It's not just the data rate but the fact that twice the frame-rate needs twice the processing power, potentially - especially if there's compression involved. But you never know with Blackmagic!

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  • Hi,
    after reading your article, I contacted the Angelbird guys immediately. Since I am (running a small video production company, mainly producing for the Red Bull Media House), based in Austria and they are as well, I thought we should hook up. So they send me through two of their latest SSD drives, an external "SSD2go" with 240GB, which I haven't been able to test properly yet, and an internal SSD, called AVpro. The latter is currently not available to regular costumers and will probably be presented at the IBC.
    However, today I found the time to test the internal one. Even though in the professional broadcasting world, it will probably mainly used for external recorders like the Atomos, I decided to give it a try as an internal system ssd on my Macbook Pro (late 2011, with hrdwrk apapter including the standard 500gb drive 5400upm drive that came with the MBP).
    Before that, I had a Corsair Force GT with 120Gb as a system drive. It was filled with about 60 gb, which I fully cloned to the AVpro. I had both drives connected via the regular, internal SATA3 and then via thunderbolt connection, cannibalizing a Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt 1TB (which is the best use for it anyway, the drive that came with it is horrible).
    The results:
    - Corsair ForceGT via internal SATA3: 169 MB/s write, 411 MB/s read.
    - Angelbird AVpro via internal SATA3: 312 MB/s write, 497 MB/s read.
    - Corsair ForceGT via Thunderbolt: 131 MB/s write, 340 MB/s
    - Angelbird AVpro via Thunderbolt: 270 MB/s write, 398 MB/s read.

    I'm no hardware freak or anything, but I was blown away by the speed of the drive. It writes almost double the speed of the Corsair, which, when I bought it last year, was supposed to be a good drive.
    I know, there is (or rather will be) a significant price gap between those drives (and in this case in size as well), but right now, I don't see how this drive could not be worth its money.
    I should also add, that I'm not in any way related to Angelbird, besides us both being situated in Austria.

    Yeah, just my two cents. You can definitely believe the RedShark guys here with this review. If you get on one of these drives, buy 'em. Right away.

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