Astonishing timelapse video of the Milky Way

Published in Production

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to travel to some of the truly dark places still left in the world, you’ll have seen the Milky Way stretched out across the sky like a liquid river of stars. If you haven’t, then Denis Frantsouzov’s video from the wilds of Kazakhstan is the next best thing.

Lake of Dreams: Stunning Burning Man Timelapse

Published in Studio & Broadcast

Hyphenate 'Roy Two Thousand' is making a habit of releasing great time lapses of the yearly Burning Man festival, and his latest may be his best yet.

Drift Innovation release clockwork timelapse accessory

Published in Production

Drift Innovation, manufacturers of action cameras like the Ghost and the Drift HD, have released a new accessory for timelapse enthusiasts

Another stunning Icelandic timelapse

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We make no apology for writing again about this very niche sub-genre, the Icelandic Timelapse. They kind-of justify themselves because the images are so beautiful and there are so many naturally lovely phenomena packed into a rocky island with only a third of a million inhabitants.

Stunning starscapes and timelapse

Published in Production

Malaysian photographer Grey Chow has a passion for night landscapes and a gift for capturing them.

Portugal hyperlapse (& bonus Moscow timelapse)

Published in Production

An interesting take on hyperlapse through the hyper-speed vision of Kirill Neiezhmakov.

Once again, ingenuity, creativity and hard work trump budget, as exhibited by an impressive new music video for Jennifer Davies' Lapse of Time, from director Maxx Peter and timelapse photographer Paul Richardson.

4K timelapse. And some balloons.

Published in Production


There are few sights more spectacular than the sky full of hot air balloons. Here's exactly such a scene, shot in glorious 4K timelapse

An amazing hyperlapse, years in the making

Published in Production

We re-visit one of our favorite hyperlapse filmmakers, who has recently released a new work that highlights large scale construction efforts in Singapore to breathtaking effect.

A lovely 4K hyperlapse of London shot with a Canon EOS 6D.

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