Astonishing hyperlapse film of Dubai

Published in Post & VFX

Timelapse specialist Rob Whitworth has taken the hyperlapse shot to the next level with his latest video short, Dubai FlowMotion.

Lake of Dreams: Stunning Burning Man Timelapse

Published in Studio & Broadcast

Hyphenate 'Roy Two Thousand' is making a habit of releasing great time lapses of the yearly Burning Man festival, and his latest may be his best yet.

An amazing hyperlapse, years in the making

Published in Production

We re-visit one of our favorite hyperlapse filmmakers, who has recently released a new work that highlights large scale construction efforts in Singapore to breathtaking effect.

Stunning 4K HDR time-lapse of Norwegian viewpoint

Published in Production

The Snøhetta Viewpoint in Norway has been set up by the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center so that people can watch the herds in comfort. And its stunning design has been captured perfectly by photographer Alejandro Villanueva.

Spectacular Timelapse vistas from Australia

Published in Production

The art of timelapse has the potential to amaze and educate us

Stunning starscapes and timelapse

Published in Production

Malaysian photographer Grey Chow has a passion for night landscapes and a gift for capturing them. promises to enable viewers to explore Dubai from anywhere in the world utilising state of the art 360 degree multimedia. The sneak preview — a ‘Little Planet’ video taken with four Canon 1Dxs from the top of the control tower at Dubai International Airport — already has our attention.

A lovely 4K hyperlapse of London shot with a Canon EOS 6D.

Icelandic timelapse: Your old camera works just fine

Published in Production

While you may be feeling the itch to upgrade your camera, this timelapse short of Iceland's natural vistas proves that your old gear still has plenty of life

Portugal hyperlapse (& bonus Moscow timelapse)

Published in Production

An interesting take on hyperlapse through the hyper-speed vision of Kirill Neiezhmakov.

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