Everyone knows about Boris Effects. And, if you're old enough, you'll remember that in the mid to late 90s, it was suddenly possible to create amazing effects and transitions on the slow and clunky NLEs of the time - that looked like they cost a million dollars to produce

How to shoot quickly and simply with log

Published in Production

Phil Rhodes takes a close look at methods for using LUTs and one (or two) approaches that may lead to greater consistency on-set and fewer headaches in post. The answer is log.

Sweden: a hotbed for CGI talent

Published in Post & VFX

Post production takes place all round the world, and even includes some hot spots in frigid climates that you might not expect.

Preparing to shoot RAW

Published in Post & VFX

Peter J. Haas outlines how to go about planning a shoot that utilizes RAW image capture, including a file size comparison between DSLR formats and CinemaDNG , a discussion of shooting ratios and how this translates into storage requirements for a secure post-production environment

A cloud based studio?  Yes it’s possible and is already happening

iMac Upgrades are Great for Post

Published in Post & VFX

When Apple quietly updated the iMac with new, speedier Intel Haswell processors and faster PCI-e flash storage, plus 802.11ac WiFi, it was met with little interest. But this speed bump is of great advantage to video editors using Final Cut Pro X, Lightworks, Premiere Pro CC and more

Real time multi-camera operation can give your productions a big speed boost

Sony Pictures opens 4K post production facility

Published in Post & VFX

True to its overarching philosophy of providing an end-to-end 4K ecosystem, Sony is about to launch a 4K television post production unit in the Capra Building at Sony Pictures in Culver City, according to The Hollywood Reporter

RedShark Replay: NLEs (Non Linear Editors - computer editing systems) have transformed the creative process since they were first introduced a quarter of a century ago. But how do they actually work?

Three tips to help when you're editing to a tight deadline

Published in Post & VFX

How would you go about editing a film that would normally take three days, in just three hours? Jonny Elwyn has some cogent advice.

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