How To Edit - a recap

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Peter Haas' recent "How to Edit" series has been extremely popular, but we omitted a link to the final part, which means that many of you missed it. All the correct links are given below

There's a big rush towards repurposing Content for 4K

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Think repurposing video content is the same as upscaling it? Think again. We explain the difference and what it means for 4K.

In the final installment of Peter Jackson’s video blog, the director introduces The Hobbit’s post crew, while the team scrambles to complete the film.

RedShark Replay: NLEs (Non Linear Editors - computer editing systems) have transformed the creative process since they were first introduced a quarter of a century ago. But how do they actually work?

The Beginner's Guide to LUTs

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Replay: Phil Rhodes provides everything you always wanted to know about LUTs...

8K, the cloud, and the post production dilemma

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For a post production industry that suddenly has to manipulate and process images 70x what they were a scant couple of decades ago, the problems that the forthcoming massive leap in resolution about to engulf us brings are probably greater than most. Luckily, cloud technology will be there to provide the horsepower to cope.

Sweden: a hotbed for CGI talent

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Post production takes place all round the world, and even includes some hot spots in frigid climates that you might not expect.

Real time multi-camera operation can give your productions a big speed boost

Rakesh Malik delves into the history of virtual machines and how new solutions, such as Nvidia GRID 2.0, could impact workflows and post houses.

If you've ever shot material on a Canon DSLR and viewed the results in Quicktime on a Mac, chances are you've noticed that things look perhaps a little more contrasty than you'd intended. Phil Rhodes not only looks at why this happens and the means of avoiding it, but maintains that it is a real and genuine technical issue and it shouldn't be ignored.

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