Cooke Optics to extend lens range

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Cooke Optics is planning to extend its Anamorphic/i lens range, as well as adding new focal lengths to its miniS4/I and 5/i ranges.

The Sony FS7 II and why it absolutely is a big deal

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There have been a lot of lukewarm comments about Sony’s FS7 II recently, but Ned Soltz begs to differ. If you are mounting heavy lenses, wanting to shoot with precise DOF consistency or shooting HDR for broadcast standards, then the FS7 II is a big deal.

Inside the Sigma 20mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens

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Sigma’s announcement of what amounts to the world’s first 20mm F1.4 lens for full-frame DSLRs created quite a few waves. Phil Rhodes goes surfing.

Xenar Warrior Lenses

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Schneider Optics inc are giving a rebate of $2,500 on a set of their Cine Xenar III lenses.

What is the state of production technology in 2016?

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Great cameras, improving LEDs, but still gaps in the lens market and stagnating workstations: Phil Rhodes takes a look back at the last year's developments in production technology and where they might lead in 2016.

Was the DSLR revolution worth it?

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Replay: Was the DSLR revolution actually good for the industry? And has its decline reaffirmed the advantages larger camera manufacturers have over the upstarts?

New Hitachi 4K camera uses 2/3-inch B4-mount lenses

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Hitachi Kokusai Electric has taken the wrappers off the SK-UHD4000, a broadcast 4K Ultra-HDTV camera system which rather importantly can use the standard 2/3-inch B4 mount lenses associated with current HD broadcasts.

While we always try to keep our feet firmly on the ground, sometimes extreme high-end kit is just too good to ignore. And that is exactly the case with Fujinon's ZK4.7x19 19-90mm Cabrio.

Fujifilm releases radical new MK lenses

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Fujifilm says that its new MK series of cinema lenses boast advanced optical performance, coupled with ultra-compact and lightweight design and excellent cost performance. At $3799 for the initial Fujinon MK18-55mm T2.9 it could have a point. 

Phil Rhodes reports back from the UK's major indigenous tradeshow of the year, BVE 2016.

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