If it's good enough for Bentley...

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Is shooting on a phone still a gimmick?

Will the next iPhone (the 6S?) have a 4K camera? If it does, it will give 4K a big boost. 

What a difference a decade makes

Published in Technology & Computing

The technological progress we've made in a decade is simply staggering and all the signs are that the rate of change is only on the increase.

The new normal: expect surprises

Published in Technology & Computing

David Shapton on the accelerating pace of technological change and an innovation curve now so steep that, from our perspective, it seems vertical.

New iPhone 5S - just announced - is 56 times faster than the original iPhone

The Apple Upgrade Program is now rolling out in the UK and China after debuting in the US last year and is the main reason why I’m glaring balefully at the iPhone 6S Plus on my desk.

RED and ARRI don't need to worry just yet, but here's more evidence that phones are the new camcorders

Sony splits off image sensor business

Published in Business

A corporate restructure at Sony means that its lucrative and successful image sensor business will now have to stand on its own two feet.

The new iPhone's camera has capabilities way beyond what you would expect from such a tiny device

It's the almost unbelievable rate of progress in processor power that's brought us today's cameras. Without it, we'd be living in the Seventies

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