New 64-bit iPhone 5s pushes tech boundaries

Published in Technology & Computing

Apple's new iPhone 5S is 56 times more powerful than its "ancestor", the first iPhone, launched just six years ago. The new 64-bit A7 chip may be powerful enough to run a laptop, but it's not the only high-tech aspect of the new phone. Photography and video get a boost, while the new fingerprint recognition pushes security into a new league - K. Stewart reports

The new normal: expect surprises

Published in Technology & Computing

David Shapton on the accelerating pace of technological change and an innovation curve now so steep that, from our perspective, it seems vertical.

The perfect use for an iPhone? The RØDE iXY microphone system

Published in Audio

RØDE announces a stereo mic and iOS app designed for iPhone and iPad users

Live multicam production with just iOS devices

Published in IP Video

An interesting new iOS app, Switcher Go, turns your iPhones and iPads into a mobile, multicam video creation solution.

Can you make a feature film with an iPhone?

Published in Production

Can you make a feature film with an iPhone? Well, "yes" is the answer if you don't mind a slightly fuzzy-looking picture on a big screen, and if you sit far enough away, but you can certainly get a cinematic "look" if you use cinema-type techniques when you make your film, and some software to give your work its finishing touches.

The "iPhone" of the video industry? [sponsored]

Published in IP Video

The first iPhone was announced ten years ago and the world has been a different place ever since. This is not just because it was a radically new and different type of phone. The iPhone seemed like science fiction: something that shouldn’t have happened for years into the future.

Slowmocean shows just what iPhone video can do

Published in Production

There’s nothing quite like a bit of eye candy. Especially when it has taken the creator a lot of time and effort to do. In this particular case, what we have for you is, simply, some ocean waves, but some ocean waves very beautifully shot over the course of two years with an iPhone by Ryan Pernofski.

Taking iPhone filmmaking to the next stage

Published in Production

iPhone filmmaking has really taken off in recent years, with everything from a Bentley commercial to the recent Sundance film, Tangerine. One of the people behind the big surge in mobile filmmaking and mobile journalism is David Basulto, creator of the iconic iOgrapher. Words by Daniel Roberts.

RedShark Review: iStopMotion app for iOS and OSX

Published in Post & VFX

We review the iStopMotion animation app, a software package that brings some pro animation features to iPads and iPhones.

This low-cost app turns your i-device into a multi-faceted exposure meter

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