Lord of the Skies: meet the new $2999 DJI Inspire 2

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DJI’s announcement of not one but two new drones and cameras, the very impressively specced Inspire 2 and the prosumer Phantom 4 Pro, shows that it is still driving drone R&D as hard as ever.

We’ve detailed recently the hoops you have to go through to get a professional drone license nowadays, but for those that just want to shoot some video for their own use, DJI has just released the $799 Phantom 3 Standard.

What to expect at CES 2016

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The tech world returns from its festive break with a bang as the mammoth CES 2016 starts in Vegas this week. With the round of press conferences kicking off today, we take a quick look at what might be making the headlines as the week unfolds.

The RedShark Review: DJI Inspire 1 - part one

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In the first of a major two-part review, Simon Wyndham unboxes his brand-new DJI Inspire 1 UAV and gets it ready for take-off.

Is DJI going to stop at just dominating the drone market?

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Have a look at the current DJI product line-up, and what talented artists can do with it on shorts like The Circle, and it’s not hard to imagine the company expanding into other areas of the industry.

DJI announces new, cheaper 4K drone

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DJI is wasting no time with its New Year news with the announcement of the €899 Phantom 3 4K, an Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition, a new SDK, and a public beta of a new geofencing system.

Is this the best catch to save a falling drone yet?

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Catch a falling drone: Watch this Australian flyer sprint along a beach to save his drone from ditching in the sea and being smashed to smithereens by the surf against the rocks.

Drones loom large over NAB

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As well as drone shots being seemingly obligatory in every recently commissioned documentary nowadays, their ascendency has been underlined by the confirmation of a special Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion at this year’s NAB.

Learning to fly your drone: part two - flight school

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In the second part of his article on qualifying to be a legally recognised drone pilot in the UK, Simon Wyndham details his experiences of flight school and the challenges of manual flight.

BigFly's impressive drone showreel

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A UAV showreel that blends gorgeous aerial footage with deft editing and engaging storytelling.

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