DJI gets heavy with the Matrice 600

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DJI's latest £4000 aircraft is a serious performer capable of lifting anything up to a RED Epic into the air - and looking after it while it's up there.

New FAA rules to make filming with drones much easier

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While the oft-touted future of Amazon delivery drones flitting across the skies just took a significant knock, for those who want to use drones to shoot video everything has taken a turn for the better with the United States Federal Aviation Administration latest proposed set of rules covering the operation of UAVs.

Learning to fly your drone: part two - flight school

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In the second part of his article on qualifying to be a legally recognised drone pilot in the UK, Simon Wyndham details his experiences of flight school and the challenges of manual flight.

We’ve detailed recently the hoops you have to go through to get a professional drone license nowadays, but for those that just want to shoot some video for their own use, DJI has just released the $799 Phantom 3 Standard.

Karma come down: All you have to do is search for GoPro Karma Crash on YouTube and you will find a growing number of videos from people whose craft has turned turtle at several hundred feet and dropped to the ground.

Is DJI going to stop at just dominating the drone market?

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Have a look at the current DJI product line-up, and what talented artists can do with it on shorts like The Circle, and it’s not hard to imagine the company expanding into other areas of the industry.

Europe to get tough on drone fliers?

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With the US adopting a far more relaxed viewpoint on UAV legislation, the Dutch government’s newly hardline stance has taken many by surprise. Guest author Willem Kootstra, journalist and documentary film maker, wonders what the implications may be for the rest of Europe.

Turn your VR headset into a first person viewer for drones

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Most professionals use a first person viewer to fly their drones, and they can get rather pricey. But, with an inexpensive phone mounted VR headset, it turns out there's an app for that.

Lord of the Skies: meet the new $2999 DJI Inspire 2

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DJI’s announcement of not one but two new drones and cameras, the very impressively specced Inspire 2 and the prosumer Phantom 4 Pro, shows that it is still driving drone R&D as hard as ever.

DJI raises aerial bar with new MFT cameras

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It has been rumoured for a while now, with working models being spotted in the field over the last couple of months or so. But now DJI has finally announced what every Inspire1 owner has been hoping for. A new camera. Well, in fact two new cameras…the X5 and the X5R.

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