Beautiful Sony FS700 Aerial Slow Motion

Published in Production

Yannick Barthe, aviation cinematographer, delivers once again with his captivating 'Best of' slow motion showreel.

Fiilex AL250: An onboard LED light for drones

Published in Production

A new LED light that uses a GoPro mount could be a hot accessory for the drone market.

Around Ireland with a 3DR Solo

Published in Production

Kevin Luiz of Capion Studio returns from his trip to Ireland with a few stories and some selections of his 3DR Solo aerial footage, shot on a GoPro.

3DR Solo Firmware v2.0: The Evolving Quadcopter

Published in Production

A look at the recent update for the 3DR Solo quadcopter, which expands its filmmaking functionality.

Drones are bad for aerial business [opinion]

Published in Business

Is the camera drone encroaching on the helicopter-based aerial film sector? According to Guest Author Willem Kootstra, there are signs it is, and serious film producers may soon regret any loss of talented aerial film operators to competition from drones.

RedShark Review: DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone

Published in Production

For those who are hoping Santa can have a slightly fuller sack than normal, George Krieger reviews the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, an entry-level drone with some pro features.

Would you trust a self-aware drone?

Published in Production

Kevin Luiz, cinematographer, producer and avid UAV pilot, profiles Percepto, a new add-on that promises to turn your mini-copter into an autonomous flying machine.

Is this the ideal drone camera?

Published in Production

4K UHD & DCI, MFT, ISO 102,400, 7 ounces...A Chinese company has just announced a very small 4K camera with some interesting specs and is marketing it to drone flyers.

DJI raises aerial bar with new MFT cameras

Published in Production

It has been rumoured for a while now, with working models being spotted in the field over the last couple of months or so. But now DJI has finally announced what every Inspire1 owner has been hoping for. A new camera. Well, in fact two new cameras…the X5 and the X5R.

What did I just see...?

Published in Technology & Computing

Quad/Pent/Hexocopters are getting more agile almost by the day. But when you combine their airborne prowess with real-time computing, they're capable of absolutely mind-blowing dexterity, and - seemingly - intelligence

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