Asus prepares to bundle Leap Motion controller in a sensational boost for motion control user interfaces. This really could be the future of video editing

What is Amazon's Echo. Is it a consumer gimmick or does it herald an important step in the evolution of the user interface?

Of all the things you might know about cameras, their similarity to washing machines is probably not one of them. But both suffer from serious problems with their user interfaces.

Is it time for Organic user interfaces?

Published in Technology & Computing

Is there any way we can bring an "organic" type of fluidity into the way we interact with our machines? Would this help us make better productions?

When to adjust your camera settings

Published in Production

Modern cameras have a lot of user-adjustable settings, but which are the ones you should be fiddling with and which are the ones you really should leave alone.

A Blender full of controversy

Published in Post & VFX

One of our contributing writers, Phil Rhodes, wrote an article critical of the user interface and development management in Open Source Blender. The Blender community rose in its defense. Here’s our response

If I told you that User Interfaces play a large part in modern film-making, you might think I'm exaggerating. But I don't think I am

Is this a leap into the future of editing?

Published in Technology & Computing

We're all pretty familiar with motion-sensing gizmos like the Microsoft Kinect, and that means that we also know about the limits of that technology. Remarkable though it is, it's not as accurate as some applications would need it to be for it to be genuinely useful

Blender: love it and/or hate it

Published in Business

Phil Rhodes has strong personal opinions about this powerful but unintuitive software

Reason: The way ahead for video plugins?

Published in Technology & Computing

Reason is a virtual recording studio from the Swedish company Propellerhead. First released in 2000, It is probably the most complete example of a software studio environment in existence, and it sets an example that other software companies should probably follow. But what on earth does it have do to with video? In my view, this is quite simply the way all software should be written.

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