GoPro has confirmed that the company is developing a drone of its own. Plus, a new six camera array may be just the thing for your next (virtual reality) production. And there's a new lower-end camera as well.

Good 'Karma'? GoPro teases with its new drone

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GoPro reveals flying footage (and not much else) from its upcoming Karma drone.

Analysis: The recent announcements of the GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic foldable drones may not only cause the popularity of such aircraft to rise dramatically, but may lead to some thorny ethical issues and an even more problematic regulatory environment for the drone industry in the near future.

What happens when you put a 1000W LED onto a drone?

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A YouTuber mounted a 1000w LED light onto a Freely Alta drone. Check out the video!

This might be the new Steadicam

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The MōVI: A Handheld Camera Stabiliser with a twist. (And if you watch the second video, you'll understand what a huge part rollerskates will play in the future of filmmaking!) Freya reports.

It seems there is a new drone every day, hot on the heels of DJI's Inspire 1, Parrot is releasing its new "BeBop" Drone which features some very clever technology

You may fall out of your chair when you watch this UAV-mounted GoPro video

Drones are bad for aerial business [opinion]

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Is the camera drone encroaching on the helicopter-based aerial film sector? According to Guest Author Willem Kootstra, there are signs it is, and serious film producers may soon regret any loss of talented aerial film operators to competition from drones.

There have never been so many ready-to-fly drones on the market, yet picking the right one to fit your needs can still be difficult. Simon Wyndham puts some popular RTF options in context, highlighting key features and use cases.

Is this the ideal drone camera?

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4K UHD & DCI, MFT, ISO 102,400, 7 ounces...A Chinese company has just announced a very small 4K camera with some interesting specs and is marketing it to drone flyers.

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