RedShark Review: DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone

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For those who are hoping Santa can have a slightly fuller sack than normal, George Krieger reviews the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, an entry-level drone with some pro features.

DJI preps astounding new drone with 4K camera

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Expected to ship in mid-December with a $2900 price tag, DJI’s latest drone, the Inspire 1, raises the mid-range UAV bar impressively, boasting a 4K camera, 720p HD streaming and an optional dual-operator control; one for flying, one for controlling the camera.

Good 'Karma'? GoPro teases with its new drone

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GoPro reveals flying footage (and not much else) from its upcoming Karma drone.

Is DJI going to stop at just dominating the drone market?

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Have a look at the current DJI product line-up, and what talented artists can do with it on shorts like The Circle, and it’s not hard to imagine the company expanding into other areas of the industry.

Drone Deploy allows automatic 3D mapping with your drone

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UAV technology is now moving at an incredible rate. So much so that your lowly Phantom or Inspire 1 is now capable of being a far more useful tool than you could have possibly imagined when you bought it.

Light makes great images – cameras just record them. This concept is beautifully illustrated by John Duncan's Wild Scotland.

 Aerial Inspections, the Tasmania-based UAV photography company, have sent us another video made with the Blackmagic 4K Production Camera

Drones are bad for aerial business [opinion]

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Is the camera drone encroaching on the helicopter-based aerial film sector? According to Guest Author Willem Kootstra, there are signs it is, and serious film producers may soon regret any loss of talented aerial film operators to competition from drones.

3DR Solo Firmware v2.0: The Evolving Quadcopter

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A look at the recent update for the 3DR Solo quadcopter, which expands its filmmaking functionality.

Analysis: The recent announcements of the GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic foldable drones may not only cause the popularity of such aircraft to rise dramatically, but may lead to some thorny ethical issues and an even more problematic regulatory environment for the drone industry in the near future.

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