In film, soundtrack is just as important as visuals for telling the story – it helps to fully convey the intended emotion of a scene, establish continuity and add momentum.

Stevie Wonder's not widely known as a film composer, but the follow up to his most sucessful album ever was a film soundtrack. Unfortunately the film sunk without trace - and not without reason!

Sonic storytelling: Using music in film [sponsored]

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Music editing is an integral part of the post production process, whether you’re creating videos or films for personal, academic or commercial use. The key elements you need to start editing music to match your visuals are a creative eye (and ear), obsessive attention to detail and a small helping of technical knowledge. Here are some tips to help you get started. 

From 30-second adverts to TV documentaries, drama and light entertainment to feature film: pairing music to visuals is a delicate balance.

This is how to make a showreel

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This is how to make a showreel. You have just a few minutes to grab people's attention. This is your calling card

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