Here's a quick update on the sale of Sony Vegas to Magix, including Magix's response to the sale, and Sony's own statement. 

Sony announced a new version of one of our best reviewed cameras of last year, plus a point-and-shoot, both featuring 4K recording.

Ergonomics is an increasingly important part of many industries, and when it comes to assessing the usability of a camera, is vital to a user’s long-term comfort.

Sony’s Webinar on extreme sports action filming on tomorrow will feature guest Thierry Donard, the filmmaker behind the extraordinary French action sports film movement 'Nuit de la Glisse'.

Price announced for Sony's 4K A7S

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After a long wait - but actually earlier than Sony said it would be announced, we now know the price of this Full Frame Mirrorless 4K camera

Sony shows pragmatic approach to live production in HDR

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While there are emerging standards for HDR, there are none yet for HDR live production. Happily, it looks like Sony has a workable solution.

Sony's 4K TVs are upgradable to HDMI 2.0

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Sony's 4K TVs have been a stunning commercial success, but until now, buyers have been concerned that they might be saddled with an obsolete HDMI connection that can't handle 4K properly

Sony ups the ActionCam ante with the FDR-X3000R

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We seem to have a slight flurry of releases in the higher-end of the ActionCam market, with Sony’s latest FDR-X3000R a powerful entrant in the £500 bracket.

Roland Denning takes a look at the new Sony AX53. It might not be replacing your main camera anytime soon, but as a second camera or one where you need an unobtrusive unit, it shows that the consumer end of things is catching up with the pros.

3 best things at IBC 2012

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IBC is a convention for the moving image industry that is second only to NAB. It's an event that's amazing in its size and scope. We haven't been around long enough to have our own official awards, so here's my own ideosyncratic top three from this year's show, in reverse order

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