Webinar: How to break into the video business

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Sony's hosting a webinar on how to break into the video business on 14th July. Register below.

The versatile and extremely capable new 4K Sony PXW-Z150 looks to be just the sort of camera that every camera person wants to have with them at all times.

Sony announces E PZ 18-110mm lens

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Continuing the round of lens announcements at IBC 2016, Sony has announced the new E PZ 18-110mm F4 G OSS lens, designed specifically for motion picture applications.

Sony’s Webinar on extreme sports action filming on tomorrow will feature guest Thierry Donard, the filmmaker behind the extraordinary French action sports film movement 'Nuit de la Glisse'.

Hollywood equipment house AbelCine has been serving the needs of professionals for years. Now they're educating pros too, with two videos explaining Sony F55 camera and post workflow.

Extreme 4K

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This is what happens when you push 4K and long lenses to the limit

Price announced for Sony's 4K A7S

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After a long wait - but actually earlier than Sony said it would be announced, we now know the price of this Full Frame Mirrorless 4K camera

So, why does Oblivion look so good?

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We breakdown the digital workflow of the 2012 blockbuster Oblivion, from camera choice to home distribution.

This is how Sony makes cameras

Published in Technology & Computing

Sony's PMW-200 and several other professional video products are made not in China or Japan, but a few miles from Cardiff, the capital of Wales. And the technology is second to none

A glimpse inside the mind of Sony

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 Ever wished you could know more about the thinking behind Sony's new cameras? How does an idea turn into a product?

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