Sony Puts the Pressure on GoPro

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It is safe to say that the POV action camera market is pretty much owned by GoPro at the present time. Sony have now clearly decided that it was about time that the ante was upped and as a result they have now announced an upgrade to their HDR-AS100 in the form of the HDR-AS100V. Simon Wyndham explores

This may be a small glimpse into Sony's future

Published in Business

A seemingly innocent announcement about a new sales appointment gives away clues to how Sony sees itself in the future.

So, who exactly is going to be shooting in 8K?

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Who will be using 8K is a very good question. We were asking the same thing about 4K about two or three years ago but, already, we're seeing enough trends to figure out who is going to use 4K and where. But 8K?

Amid all the usual hoopla about wacky gadgets — this year being AI toothbrushes, robotic cushion cleaners and walk around VR — you can rest assured that the old product category of TVs is where the largest manufacturers are putting most of their marketing and R&D. These were the CES 2017 highlights.

Sony introduces 4K POV camera with some familiar specs

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Sony's new UMC-S3C POV camera looks basically like a rather stripped down A7S II.

Why the Sony F65 is still on top

Published in Production

With Sony's F55 shaping up to be such a good device, it's reasonable to wonder about the future role of Sony's flagship camera, the F65.  We spoke to Richard Lewis, Product Specialist for Cimenatography at Sony Europe, to get some definitive answers

Sony reimagines headphones completely - as a torc

Published in Audio

Headphones and headphone audio quality have been a bit of a hot topic of late, but Sony’s complete reimagining of the technology behind them and their method of delivery definitely borders on the outlandish.

The marriage of a powerful-yet-diminutive camera and a field display/recorder may look 'wrong', but we would wager that this rig is a very capable performer.

CES 2015 Hot Trend: HDR & Quantum Dot 4K Televisions

Published in Studio & Broadcast

We're seeing an interesting trend in consumer display technology shaping up at this year's Consumer Electronics Show that could impact filmmakers and video content producers.

RedShark Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes, reviews the ColorEdge CG318 32in 4K monitor from Eizo and determines its suitability for film professionals and whether it's worth the hefty price tag. The clue is in the title...

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