When your showreel looks as good as this, you really don't have anything to prove. You don't have to convince anyone that your kit is good enough for the movies, because your showreel is the movies

This is how to make a showreel

Published in Post & VFX

This is how to make a showreel. You have just a few minutes to grab people's attention. This is your calling card

Great-looking vintage aviation showreel

Published in Production

Here's a showreel that we're bringing to not because it's full of CGI or motion capture, and not because it's been filmed at a trillion frames per second on a specialist camera costing $300,000. It's just the result of the everyday work of the cameraman, using relatively modest  kit

The Foundry's jaw-dropping showreel

Published in Post & VFX

When the Foundry decides to make a sizzle reel, you can expect it to be good, yet who knew it would be this good?

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