Most Americans have never heard of the Chinese electronics manufacturing giant TCL. But thanks to a decade of savvy business dealings and its next generation of budget-friendly UHD televisions arriving soon, that may be about to change. In the first of a two-part series, we explore the company's origins, and how it ascended to the edge of global market dominance.

RedShark Replay: Part one of this examination of SSD technology touched on the differences between various types of NAND flash and the impact that SLC, MLC and TLC (3-cell MLC) NAND flash has on pricing. In part two, Guest Author, Leo Waldock, details the next step: coming up with some solid guidelines for selecting a suitable SSD for your workstation.

How not to sell high tech consumer gear

Published in Studio & Broadcast

We're not going to say anything at all about this advert. Nothing. Zilch.

As of next month, you'll be able to buy a Samsung TV that not only uses OLED display technology, but one that's also... curved?

Most smartphones now have sensors that are around or above 4K in resolution, but not many of them claim to be able to capture 4K video. Samsung's Galaxy Note III looks set to do this, though, according to various rumours

Many cameras and smartphones have been recalled over the years, not just for over-active batteries, but Samsung’s mishandling of the latter stages of its Galaxy Note 7 recall will probably go down in history as one of the most damaging recalls yet seen.

4K hits the high-street

Published in Technology & Computing

How is 4K being presented to the shopping public?

Did we ever really want 3D anyway?

Published in Business

The major television manufacturers have moved away from 3D displays, which makes us wonder why it wasn't more successful. Roland Denning has answers.

Panasonic GH4: Run-and-gun choice for travelling shooters?

Published in Production

Guest author Kevin Luiz of Capion Studio gives his take on the Panasonic GH4 as run-and-gun option for shooters who thrive in-between trips to the airport.

Virtual and augmented reality have been on the periphery of the consumer technology landscape for some time now. But that may be about to change, as recent activity suggests we're in the early days of a boom period.

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