Angelbird launch new products at IBC

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We've already told you about Angelbird SSD drives and how well engineered they are but they have some new models at IBC which look  interesting

Angelbird Release New 1TB SSD WRK Drives

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Angelbird have released 1TB models of their "WRK" SSD drives, with improved performance and a version specifically for Mac computers.

SSD prices are plummeting

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SSD prices are plummeting. A UK-based computer retailer, eBuyer, is offering OCZ 240GB Vertex Plus SSDs for £89  ($144, €109) - a price which only a few months ago would have bought you an SSD with just half that capacity

Play your cards right

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Off the top of my head, I can think of quite a lot of different kinds of flash storage device that are used by at least one sort of motion picture recording technology: multi-manufacturer standards such as CompactFlash, SD, SSD, the proprietary types including P2, SxS and AXS (in all their varieties), and expensive device-specific formats such as SR Memory, RED's flash devices, and the packs made by companies such as Codex for their general purpose recorders

Thunderbolt 2 is not only capable of carrying a 4K video signal, but it's fast for storage too. Here's Blackmagic's latest effort to bring Thunderbolt 2 goodness to your SSD workflow

EET Asia has just reported that a breakthrough by Samsung Electronics will lead to faster, bigger and more reliable SSDs

SSD prices are lower than ever

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SSDs are becoming cheap as... chips. Where where will it all end?

Samsung's new SSDs have faster speeds and use less power

SATA-IO, the industry consortium that develops the SATA specifications, have just ratified the next version, SATA 3.2, with support for higher transfer speeds and new form factors

New "Mini-Mag" media format for RED cameras

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You may think that the world doesn't need another expensive storage format when generic storage is getting cheaper and faster all the time - but this new RED format guarantees performance in situations where your footage is almost inevitably going to be worth many times more than your memory

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