At the start of the year, Roland Denning gave us his initial opinions on the Panasonic DVX200. Now he provides his views after using it in anger for a while, from that remarkable Leica lens onwards.

While prepping an article on the AJA Cion, RedShark Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes, had a chance to use a set of Schneider's Xenon FF-Prime lenses. Here, he gives his opinion on the set and some thoughts on prime lens usage in general.

RedShark review: Automatic Duck's solution for making Motion a more useful tool in Final Cut Pro X workflows.

RedShark Review: AJA Cion out in the real world

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Here's another review of the AJA Cion, with a twist - Rakesh Malik examines how it actually performs in real world productions (spoiler: he liked a hire unit so much he placed an order).

RedShark Review: Cinemartin Loyal 5.67" onboard monitor

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Phil Rhodes puts Cinemartin's new onboard field monitor through its paces with positive results.

There are a LOT of cameras coming out!

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This is going to be a bumper month for camera reviews!

ShooTools AutoPan fits any slider

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RedShark Review: The Italian-made AutoPan is a universal panning head that allows you to create panoramas, as well as focused slides of a subject. The device works with sliders and dollies and has multiple usage settings, including one where you use the head as a base for a rotating display.

Simon Wyndham answers critics of his positive review of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera as an adventure sports shooter.

DJI Osmo Mobile: good run and gun on a budget?

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RedShark Review: The DJI Osmo Mobile is capable of turning your smartphone into a true run-and-gun or B-cam option, which is an impressive feat for a $299 piece of hardware.

How much does cable quality matter?

Published in Audio

While some manufacturer claims may fall short of reality, the Shawline interconnect from The Chord Company delivers where it matters most. By Erik Vlietinck.

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