RED, the makers of the beyond-4K cinema cameras, have a vested interest in making you want these higher resolutions. But they do explain it very well

First glance at RED Helium 8K ungraded footage

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As you’ll remember from last week, helped Jonny Mass from Abandon Visuals make ‘The Underdog‘, a short film showcasing the new RED Helium 8K sensor in a mere 24 hours. Now it’s sharing some of the ungraded footage from the camera too.

Red announces the Red Switchblade

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 Red's latest addition is an add-on camera control panel that provides all the basic controls for a camera assistant while also looking the part too. 

RED gives USC massive quantity of cameras and gear

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RED's recent gift to the School of Cinematic Arts at USC ensures that present and future students will learn their craft on high-end, professional gear.

Sale of the Century? Red slashes prices across the board

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The battle for cheaper 4K+ acquisition is heating up. Just a few days ago, Sony announced the F5 and the F55, and a constellation of accessories that comprise their new 4K ecosystem. Not to be outdone, RED, perhaps in a ploy to steal some of Sony’s thunder, made its own announcement, via CEO Jim Jannard’s post on the REDuser forum:

Jannard steps down, row ensues

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Jim Jannard, erstwhile Red Leader and billionaire founder of the RED digital camera company, has stepped down from his public duties with RED with immediate effect, citing personal attacks on his integrity. And an almighty row has ensued.

Full details of the new RED Raven

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After a week of drip-feeding late night information via, RED has finally unveiled the full details of its new Raven camera and aimed it squarely at the sub $10,000 market.

REDRAY, RED's 4K player, is real, and it's just started shipping

First footage from the RED Raven 4.5K

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Here's the first footage we're aware of from RED's lower cost RAVEN 4.5.

REDRAY is real. Pictures are stunning

Published in Studio & Broadcast

REDRAY promises high quality 4K delivery and even streaming, and for the first time, we've seen the results

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