RED is gung ho over 4K

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RED doesn't think that 4K is moving fast enough. They have a vested interest in thinking this. As arguably the first camera company to have 4K cameras on the market, their lead is is being challenged by newcomers from the more established companies

RED Epic & Scarlet firmware update brings new features

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Proving the axiom that not all firmware updates are created equal, RED packs a punch via its ‘Build 4’

RED’s 8K WEAPON is being used to capture images for Marvel’s latest cosmic adventures in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and Codex kit is handling the data. The resulting workflow on the production is an interesting insight into how we’ll work with 8K.

Actual photos emerge from the new RED Dragon sensor. RedShark contributor Freya reports

Nearly a year after initially putting down a deposit for a Scarlet-W, Rakesh Malik now finally has $30,000 worth of Epic-W in his hands and discovers that it could be the ideal mixed still and cinematography camera for anyone serious about either format.

Electronics is so completely integrated now that building new equipment is just a matter of glueing together a few parts you can buy from the Internet. Is this true? And is this the biggest threat to traditional camera manufacturers? In this article, we investigate this, and the background to it, in detail

What can we tell from the first RED Helium 8K footage?

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RED has just made available a short film shot (amazingly by a 19-year old, Jonny Mass) on a RED Weapon Helium 8K loaned to him by Jarred Land for a mere 24 hours. And it tells us a few things about the camera.

The Rolling Shutter Effect Explained

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Rolling Shutter is a type of distortion that affects cameras across the price spectrum. The more you know about it, the better you can deal with it

Does RED have a secret weapon up its sleeve?

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 Does RED have a new camera? The following is all speculation but all the signs are there

Professional storage brand G-Technology continues its trend of collaboration through a recent partnership with Atomos.

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