The new normal: expect surprises

Published in Technology & Computing

David Shapton on the accelerating pace of technological change and an innovation curve now so steep that, from our perspective, it seems vertical.

Olde Denning’s Almanak: Film & Video in 2017

Published in Production

Roland Denning dons his soothsayer robes for a not entirely serious look at what may happen in the video industry in 2017.

We now live in a world with video beer pumps

Published in Business

Our Editor-in-Chief predicted video displays on beer pumps many years ago, but a certain 'Black Swan Event' foiled his other predictions for how we interact with digital signage.

To mark the occasion of the new year, our editor has asked me to come up with some predictions for the coming twelve months

Olde Redde Sharke's Almanak

Published in Technology & Computing

Olde Redde Sharke's Almanak: Andy Stout personal predictions for 2013

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