As computer operating systems become increasingly invisible, the differences between the platforms dwindle, easing the user's jump from one to the other.

Opinion: Skeptics love to cast doubt on new technologies, but the current rate of technological change means we're set for more groundbreaking advancements, not less.

RedShark Review: Sony RX100 Mark IV

Published in Production

A look at Sony's compact 4K fixed lens shooter, which may mark a return to relevance for point-and-shoot cameras.

Can we trust our own ears?

Published in Audio

Aside from reviewing noticeably compressed recordings, judging audio quality remains largely a subjective experience. By Roland Denning.

Is the standard lens just a myth?

Published in Production

Roland Denning on what exactly is meant when we say a lens is 'standard' and why that meaning may be rather more fluid than many would like to admit.

How to colour correct on unsuitable monitors

Published in Production

The Art of Coarse Monitoring: All about monitoring -  when you absolutely should and when you may be able to get away with less-than-ideal options.

At the start of the year, Roland Denning gave us his initial opinions on the Panasonic DVX200. Now he provides his views after using it in anger for a while, from that remarkable Leica lens onwards.

We revisit the 'eight-bit versus ten-bit' debate, exploring if eight-bit recording's days are numbered.

How to shoot good interviews

Published in Production

In the first part of a two part series on shooting interviews, Roland Denning tackles preparation, keeping your interviewees at ease, and how to avoid some common pitfalls.

Should camera people be above the line?

Published in Business

Imagine camera people and departments sharing in the residual income of projects. It's a reality for the German Society of Cinematographers, but can it happen further afield?

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