In the wake of the news that the Ursa Mini 4.6K variant is shipping, but without a global shutter, Phil Rhodes places it all in proper perspective.

Is there simply too much video on the internet?

Published in Production

Opinion: Video killed the, er, video star. There's an overwhelming amount of video on the internet, but have we entered into a phase of viewer fatigue? And how will the current video usage trends impact future productions?

High Frame Rate: it's a rocky road

Published in Production

High frame rate video has been decried by critics as 'uncinematic'. However, achieving quality HFR cinema may be a case of adjusting our techniques (and getting used to it).

How should we measure audio quality?

Published in Audio

This is the first part of an occasional series on how you quantify audio quality. It's about much more than distortion!

Enough with the camera sliders already!

Published in Production

Why do we keep moving sideways? The camera slider has become a mainstay for indie and low-budget productions, but, argues Roland Denning, it may not be a fit for many situations, especially in documentary work.

Into the top half of our Top Ten countdown and this opinion piece from Clayton Moore: Ahead of a significant Apple event on Thursday (this was back in October) he wondered how the company's wildly successful efforts in the consumer space could point to a future NLE resurgence and the rebirth of Final Cut Pro.

GoPro to rebound in 2016?

Published in Business

GoPro announced 'Calendar Year 2015 Preliminary Results' and it doesn't make for pretty reading. However, if GoPro brings new innovations to market, it may be able to reverse its fortunes in 2016.

Five myths and fibs about lenses

Published in Production

Contributing writer Roland Denning debunks some commonly-held misconceptions about lenses that have led fledgling shooters astray.

Why it's so hard to predict the future

Published in Technology & Computing

Although it can be fun to ponder the future, reading the tea leaves for the video tech industry may, ultimately, be a fruitless task.

There's no such thing as medium dynamic range

Published in Technology & Computing

Opinion: There's no such thing as medium dynamic range or, says Phil Rhodes, at least there shouldn't be.

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