In a follow-up to one our favorite stories from 2015, photographer, cinematographer and documentarian Philip Grossman is readying his work for a personal exhibition at one of the most prestigious locales imaginable.

DJI trails CrystalSky and launches limited edition Phantom

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DJI has kicked off the drone section of CES 2017 in a suitably hyperactive manner, showing two possible prototypes of the forthcoming — and extremely interesting — CrystalSky monitor, as well as adding some new mapping and control software and expanding Osmo.

DJI wants to stabilise your smartphone

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DJI has opened up its Osmo technology to make a handheld three-axis gimbal stabilisation mount for smartphone users.

Is DJI going to stop at just dominating the drone market?

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Have a look at the current DJI product line-up, and what talented artists can do with it on shorts like The Circle, and it’s not hard to imagine the company expanding into other areas of the industry.

Cinematographer, documentarian and drone pilot Philip Grossman about his numerous trips to Chernobyl, the story he's telling and the gear that he relies on.

Why put a camera on your shoulder?

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RedShark Summer Replay: The traditional camera form factor as we know it has been shaped by technology that is now obsolescent. Maybe it is time to move on.

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