A new lease of life for the Mac Pro?

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Apple are about to release the latest version of Mountain Lion, OSX 10.8.3, which includes support for high end graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD.

Pixar's new animation system allows animators to visualise their characters with all the important detail visible. Like hair!

It's really, really hard to create a GGI human face that's convincing. If you know this, then you also know the reason why so many blockbuster movies (Antz, Bug's life, Cars, WALL•E etc) have been about things and not humans

We've noticed a possible sea change over the past five years, as facilities have increasingly adopted PC-based systems, capped off by the recent introduction of the GTX 1080.

How to build a system to run Resolve - on a shoestring

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark Summer Replay: One man's quest to put together a smooth, responsive system to run DaVinci Resolve on a budget (and how to get round some of the problems that will trip you up when you try) - first published January 2015.

The Dell M3800 is a groundbreaking workstation-class laptop with a near-4K screen. We've been using it.

Recreating the original Bank of England for HP

Published in Post & VFX

HP is inviting architects, rendering specialists and architecture enthusiasts to help it recreate history and digitally rebuild Soane’s Bank of England.

Nvidia have made a presentation from this year's Siggraph available, showing how Pixar is using its OptiX GPU accelerated lighting to speed up previewing of scenes

After Effects and the state of GPU computing

Published in Technology & Computing

What exactly is GPU computing and what does and doesn't use it?

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