It's hard to believe it, but this demo is running on a mobile chipset, in real time

We thought it was pretty remarkable when Nvidia announced their new Tegra 4 chipset that will bring 4K capabilities to tablets and phones. And it is. But it's no longer unique. To pretty much everyone's surprise, Qualcomm said yesterday that they too were going to release a 4K video-capable chipset too

What needs 16 3G SDI connections?

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The answer? 8K video at 60p

How does GPU acceleration work? Eyeon video

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GPU acceleration - using a graphics card to do graphics-intensive tasks that the CPU would otherwise have to do - has transformed 3D and compositing on desktop and laptop computers. Here's a short video from Eyon that illustrates this and is a good primer for anyone unfamiliar with the concept. It also explains the difference between Nvidia's GeForce and Quadro cards.

How to build a system to run Resolve - on a shoestring

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RedShark Summer Replay: One man's quest to put together a smooth, responsive system to run DaVinci Resolve on a budget (and how to get round some of the problems that will trip you up when you try) - first published January 2015.

GTX 1080: Faster than a Titan X at half the price

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DaVinci Resolve users take note: Nvidia's new Pascal-based GTX 1080 and 1070 GPUs rival or exceed the performance of last generation's Titan X.

Most of us despair when we see technology and science presented to a non-technical audience on TV. It's not easy to explain stuff in the short time available, but often it's over-simplified to the point of being nonsensical. So how does a national UK broadcaster deal with the topic of 4K?

Computer graphics are improving faster than Moore's law

Nvidia announcements are coming thick and fast, and while most of us won't benefit from their new Network GPU Appliance, it does look like an ideal product for medium to large facilities that need to have GPU power available on-tap

Rakesh Malik delves into the history of virtual machines and how new solutions, such as Nvidia GRID 2.0, could impact workflows and post houses.

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