New Star Trek series shows how industry is changing

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CBS Television Studios announced yesterday it will launch a totally new Star Trek television series in January 2017, but only one episode will actually air on the network.

The raging and ongoing battle for net neutrality

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The fight for net neutrality: who is on what side and why it's been such a particularly thorny issue to date.

Playstation 4: Will this be Sony's real 4K delivery device?

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A surprise announcement might have shed a little more light on the probable role and capabilities of the next Playstation

Netflix’ own speed test website is fascinating

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One of the main reasons people want a fast internet connection is to be able to download and stream video content. Measuring their speed from Netflix’ own servers is, therefore, a bit of a draw.

TiVo have launched their fifth generation of Digital Video Recorders called "Roamio" As the name implies one of the key benefits is the ability for your content to roam with you by streaming content to your iOS devices

Netflix' House of Cards series is proving to be a groundbreaker in more ways than one with the expectation of a 4K streaming version debuting in the next year or two

Amazon testing new TV shows online

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Amazon has put Pilots for fourteen new TV shows online on Amazon Instant Video (Lovefilm in the UK) Viewers can vote on which shows they like and the winners will be made into full series 

Remember the long-rumoured Apple television set? According to reports, it looks like Cupertino’s equally long-rumoured live TV streaming service is heading towards the same vapourware graveyard.

House of Cards Season Two Trailer in 4K

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Netflix will release season two of their hit political drama "House of Cards" on February 14th. You can watch trailer now on YouTube, with the option to see it in 4K (if you have the hardware).

Netflix lowers resolution to improve quality

Published in Technology & Computing

It is one of those counter-intuitive sounding things, but Netflix has a new plan for making sure that its video content hits your monitor in the best condition possible, even if that means lower resolution.

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