It's a big day for the Lightworks team today because they're releasing a big new upgrade. Even though it's a "point" release, there's a lot of important stuff in there, so let's dive straight in

As promised by Editshare, Lightworks for Linux is now available for download as a public Beta test

This is the news everyone's been waiting for: the release date for the Public Beta of the Mac version of Lightworks

AI editing is already here. So, how do we cope with it?

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In editing, as elsewhere, AI offers both intriguing possibilities and huge potential pitfalls. Perhaps though the biggest issue that we face is that AI editing is already here, and it is getting better and better all the time.

New video showing important new functionality in Lightworks for Windows 11.1

Jonny Elwyn tries out the multitude of new editing tools in the public beta of Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve 12 and gives us the lowdown from an editor's point of view.

Lightworks for OS X to be revealed at NAB

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Editshare has come right out and said it: they're going to be showing Lightworks for OS X at NAB in April. As excitement builds around the imminent public Beta release of the Linux version, a public showing of Lightworks for the Mac platform will be a major event in the timeline of NLE history, because it will be the first time that a significant NLE has been shown to work on the three major platforms in use today

Smoke drifts across to the Mac

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Autodesk today has released its much anticipated Smoke 2013 for Mac. First announced at NAB 2012, Smoke 2013 was released as a public beta in June

VEGAS is back, and it's in very good shape

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Once a Sony property, it seems Vegas is still in good hands, if Magix's first iteration (version 14) of the NLE is any indication.

RedShark Review: For nearly fifteen years now, Danish-based Logickeyboard has been busy producing custom colour keyboards that interface industry standard video, audio and graphic packages, and the new Astra LED backlit series continues in that fine tradition. By Iain Churchill-Coleman.

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