New Acer monitor includes USB C port

Published in Technology & Computing

At last, a way to plug your lovely new 12in Macbook into something a bit larger without needing to go through an adaptor.

Exclusive: The truth about OLED monitors

Published in Technology & Computing

Will OLED prices ever come down? What makes them so good, anyway? Barry Young reports

A diminutive tool for audio professionals?

Published in Audio

I'm always excited when I find a new consumer device that can be used in a professional context. The way that consumer technology is catapulting ahead, this is likely to happen more and more often

How to calibrate your monitor

Published in Technology & Computing

Phil Rhodes provides a lesson on how to calibrate a display for use by image professionals.

RedShark Review: BenQ SW2700PT monitor

Published in Technology & Computing

The BenQ SW2700PT is a monitor aimed at photographers that could be an intriguing option for filmmakers and pros who don't need 4K resolution.

BenQ’s impressive PV3200PT UHD display reviewed

Published in Production

RedShark Review: an in-depth look at the Technicolor-certified BenQ PV3200PT, a UHD display which may offer stiff competition to other options in its $1500 price bracket.

RedShark Review: Cinemartin Loyal 5.67" onboard monitor

Published in Production

Phil Rhodes puts Cinemartin's new onboard field monitor through its paces with positive results.

Flanders Scientific: all about their latest Models

Published in Business

John Burkhart met with Bram Desmet, General Manager of Flanders Scientific, at Broadcast Asia and discussed the state of the market and their latest models

If you could have your dream monitor for computer editing, what would it be like?

Is this how 4K is coming to the living room?

Published in Business

Is the first 4K device in people's living rooms going to be a computer monitor?

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