Ask not what your camera can do for you...

Published in Production

Has the fixation on replicating a film's look become another form of gear addiction?

Why flicker happens and how you can avoid it

Published in Production

Phil Rhodes provides a detailed lesson on flicker and strobing, including how you can avoid these problems on your next production.

Reliable and affordable studio backlighting

Published in Post & VFX

Flanders Scientific has released a budget-friendly option for lighting your colour grading suite.

Run Silent? The Zylight F8-300 LED fresnel

Published in Production

The F8-300 is the newest addition to Zylight's LED fresnel lineup and the biggest selling point may have more to do with sound than light.

Can I use everyday fluorescent lights for filming?

Published in Production

I’m quite often approached by people holding pictures of the sort of fluorescent lights sold at DIY stores as task lighting, and asked if they’re any good for film and TV work. The answer is, well, maybe

Why is there a constant quest to build cameras that can virtually shoot in the dark? It's OK, as long as we don't forget that our videos and films will always look better as long as they're lit properly!

Zylight F8-200 LED Fresnel now shipping

Published in Production

The 200W version of Zylight's F8 LED fresnel light series is making its way to retailers in advance of NAB 2016.

Review: Photon Beard's Platinum Blonde HMI

Published in Production

Phil Rhodes reviews the new Photon Beard Platinum Blonde HMI, while delivering a lesson in its underlying technology.

The art of light [sponsored]

Published in Audio

For beginner filmmakers still learning the many ways lighting influences cinematic mood and style, there's a quick short-cut: movie trailers. By Demis Lyall-Wilson. 

The need for more (LED) power

Published in Production

As the quality of LED lighting improves, such high efficiency production lighting may be even more useful with more power.

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