The art of light [sponsored]

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For beginner filmmakers still learning the many ways lighting influences cinematic mood and style, there's a quick short-cut: movie trailers. By Demis Lyall-Wilson. 

Light is what makes an image. And that's what makes lighting so important.

RedShark Summer Replay: If you don't understand how we see colour, you don't understand colour. This may be the most important lesson about colour you ever read (first published October 2014).

How to Light

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Experienced Director of Photography David Read sheds some illumination on the most basic - but most essential - terms in the art of lighting.


Electric car manufacturer Tesla is branching out into even bigger batteries that can power homes. Does that mean that seriously big, powerful batteries might start becoming a more integral part of our own film sets?

Zylight F8-200 LED Fresnel now shipping

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The 200W version of Zylight's F8 LED fresnel light series is making its way to retailers in advance of NAB 2016.

Phil Rhodes reviews the Square One, a fluorescent 'panel' from Photon Beard that holds some distinct advantages over comparable LED units.

The Practical Guide to Lighting on a Budget- Part One

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Phil Rhodes is your guide to using the local hardware store as a source for all your low-budget lighting needs.

Can I use everyday fluorescent lights for filming?

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I’m quite often approached by people holding pictures of the sort of fluorescent lights sold at DIY stores as task lighting, and asked if they’re any good for film and TV work. The answer is, well, maybe

Review: Photon Beard's Platinum Blonde HMI

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Phil Rhodes reviews the new Photon Beard Platinum Blonde HMI, while delivering a lesson in its underlying technology.

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