RedShark Review: The Aputure COB-120t, a tungsten-balanced LED with surprising colour quality at a reasonable price.

All you ever need to know about Dedolight LEDs

Published in Production

Want to know more about LED lighting? Here's your chance.

RedShark Replay: The white heat of technology - Phil Rhodes talks about white light and a possible means of obtaining it with the minimum possible use of power.

Aputure COB 120D on test (the LED version)

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RedShark Review: the COB-120D open face daylight LED light by Aputure, which happily manages to avoid most of the flaws that often bedevil LED lights

Better lighting with quantum dots?

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RedShark Technical Editor Phil Rhodes lifts the veil on quantum dots, and reveals why they may revolutionize lighting and display technology.

Now trending: LED retrofits of hot light housings

Published in Production

At the recent BSC Expo, Phil Rhodes discovered an undeniable trend for retrofitting hot light housings with LEDs.

HMI remains a viable and useful lighting technology. Phil Rhodes explains the science behind this enduring type of illumination

What is the state of production technology in 2016?

Published in Production

Great cameras, improving LEDs, but still gaps in the lens market and stagnating workstations: Phil Rhodes takes a look back at the last year's developments in production technology and where they might lead in 2016.

Why flicker happens and how you can avoid it

Published in Production

Phil Rhodes provides a detailed lesson on flicker and strobing, including how you can avoid these problems on your next production.

Lighting: The Quest for White - Part 2

Published in Technology & Computing

Part 2 of our investigation into whether we can ever get good colour from modern lighting

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