Haswell, Xeon & Core Demystified - Part Two. Guest author Rakesh Malik looks at the different flavours of Haswell processors, examines where Xeon fits into the pattern, and looks ahead to the introduction next year of Intel's 14nm iterative 'tick' of the Haswell microarchitecture, Broadwell.

Intel's purchase of Altera sets the stage for CPUs that come equipped with their own field programmable gate arrays. And that could change a lot of things.

With Intel dominating desktop CPU performance lately, it's good to know that it still has some competition, not least from AMD’s forthcoming Carrizo APU.

The next generation of Intels Core processors, codenamed "Haswell" will be arriving soon, with increased CPU and GPU performance.

The incredible rise of the GPU.

Published in Technology & Computing

Guest author Rakesh Malik tells a short history of Intel and how graphics processing units (GPUs) came to steal the thunder of the giant chip maker.

Intel's bold bid for the living room 4K TV

Published in Business

Wired has just published an article about Intel's set top box and speculates whether it might be capable of 4K.

Well, it's actually more than speculation. It seems likely to us that at least one version of the STB (and perhaps there will only be one version) will sport a 4K capability.

One port to rule them all. Intel chose Computex 2015 to unveil Thunderbolt 3 and an extremely significant change of connector from Mini DisplayPort to USB Type-C.

HP mobile workstations get latest Intel chips

Published in Technology & Computing

HP's new Ultrabook Workstations are thinner, lighter and feature the latest 5th Generation Core processors from Intel, making them ideal remote editing systems.

Is Intel in danger of becoming irrelevant?

Published in Technology & Computing

Opinion: Intel is facing increasing and unprecedented competition on all fronts, so how does it ensure its legacy and keep its place at the top table.

Intel Broadwell-E: Enthusiast CPUs for audio pros?

Published in Audio

We review the Intel Broadwell-E line, which offers performance gains at similar price points as the previous generation. But, does it make sense to make the switch?

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