A mighty 'tock'? Will the just announced Skylake, Intel's latest processor standard, be a boon or bust for editors and video professionals? Rakesh Malik investigates.

The next generation of Intels Core processors, codenamed "Haswell" will be arriving soon, with increased CPU and GPU performance.

Haswell, Xeon & Core Demystified - Part One. Guest author Rakesh Malik sheds light on the latest Intel chipsets, their capabilities and their suitability for video applications.

Intel's bold bid for the living room 4K TV

Published in Business

Wired has just published an article about Intel's set top box and speculates whether it might be capable of 4K.

Well, it's actually more than speculation. It seems likely to us that at least one version of the STB (and perhaps there will only be one version) will sport a 4K capability.

Is Intel in danger of becoming irrelevant?

Published in Technology & Computing

Opinion: Intel is facing increasing and unprecedented competition on all fronts, so how does it ensure its legacy and keep its place at the top table.

Haswell, Xeon & Core Demystified - Part Two. Guest author Rakesh Malik looks at the different flavours of Haswell processors, examines where Xeon fits into the pattern, and looks ahead to the introduction next year of Intel's 14nm iterative 'tick' of the Haswell microarchitecture, Broadwell.

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