What's the way forward with video? It's not, it seems, more resolution. What people want is better, not more, pixels

The new iPhone's camera has capabilities way beyond what you would expect from such a tiny device

Colorfront ports 4K Transkoder to Mac and talks 8K

Published in Post & VFX

Colorfront’s popular tool for DCP and IMF mastering gets a Mac Pro-oriented release, while the PC version adds 8K power and lots of new functionality.

If you want to be throwing enough information per pixel around a screen to fill an HDR colour space you need the processing power of a GPU, and AMD's gaming heritage helps its GPUs do just that.

HDR is approaching serious mass market take-off

Published in Business

Two recent announcements — Rogers in Canada planning live baseball in HDR and Dolby inking a deal with MStar to put its Vision system on a chip — show that the momentum behind HDR is starting to accelerate.

This is a monitor you're (literally) going to want to watch

As the world’s broadcasters gear up for their biggest event on the four-yearly calendar, are we witnessing the start of the next technological cycle that ends up with 8K in the world’s living rooms?

Disney Research makes HDR work with conventional TVs

Published in Post & VFX

The House of Mouse has come up with an innovative new technique that mitigates most of the problems that tone mapping introduces when it interprets HDR images for conventional television sets.

Cameras take a back seat at NAB 2016

Published in Production

With a dearth of new camera announcements at this NAB, some pundits have been underwhelmed with the show. But, dig a little deeper and you'll likely find news and products that are meaningful to film professionals.

The best video picture in the world

Published in Technology & Computing

I have seen the future and it is bright!

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