As the world’s broadcasters gear up for their biggest event on the four-yearly calendar, are we witnessing the start of the next technological cycle that ends up with 8K in the world’s living rooms?

The new iPhone's camera has capabilities way beyond what you would expect from such a tiny device

Getting a look into the future at the IBC Future Zone

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Over the years, those in the know have made a habit of visiting the IBC Future Zone for the very latest news from NHK’s Super Hi-Vision 8K project and a glimpse into the other new technologies that could go on to shape the future of the industry.

Sony shows pragmatic approach to live production in HDR

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While there are emerging standards for HDR, there are none yet for HDR live production. Happily, it looks like Sony has a workable solution.

Another chance to read about this fascinating debate. This was first published in April 2014. Just because we can do 16 bit, High Dynamic Range, 6K and 8K: does that mean we need it? Here's where to start in the debate

More details emerge about RED Raven

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RED has an event scheduled on the calendar for Friday when it will release the full details of the upcoming Raven camera, but that hasn’t stopped CEO Jarred Land spilling the beans in a couple of late night user posts on the RED forum.

CES 2015 Hot Trend: HDR & Quantum Dot 4K Televisions

Published in Studio & Broadcast

We're seeing an interesting trend in consumer display technology shaping up at this year's Consumer Electronics Show that could impact filmmakers and video content producers.

Opinion: Why Apple should jump into HDR video - and now!

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Clayton Moore argues that Apple should be implementing high dynamic range capability across its product lines (and, indeed, speculates that this may already be happening).

Examining the future (and some extreme lighting) with the BSC

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Phil Rhodes visited London's BSC Expo 2016 mounted by the British Society of Cinematographers and brought back some industry insights and a few oddities in the lighting arena.

HDR: there's still work to be done

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Products that featured high dynamic range capabilities, and the companies that made them, could be found throughout this year's NAB Show, but there's still more work to be done before HDR is a working reality for many productions.

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