What exactly is "Pixel Shifting"?

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JVC has always made good projectors. And they've always used really good technology that's been kind-of hard to understand, because it takes a lot of explaining. But if all you want is good pictures, the tech doesn't really matter, because if it looks good, it is good

Some readers may remember a piece RedSharkNews published in 2013 detailing the camera rig I built up from parts collected from all over the world. In keeping with this theme, I recently purchased an Atomos Ninja Star portable ProRes recorder to give my three year-old Sony HD ‘hybrid’ a new lease of life.

New features for JVC's GoPro competitor

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JVC announces a range of new features, including increased image quality, for the latest addition to its Action Cam range, the GC-XA2 ADIXXION, writes Kate Large

Why 4K is good news for HD users

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It's almost like a miracle! You can get 4:4:4 video from 4:2:0 video - if you downsample from 4K. Michael Ma shows how it's done in this video

How fast is your computer inside?

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Digital video has always meant moving a lot of data around inside a computer. And as computers get ever more powerful, Phil Rhodes explains what really goes on inside your video workstation.

How to make HD look like 4K

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Another chance to read how you can make HD look like 4K. It's really not that difficult, when you consider that it's hard to make 4K look like 4K!

What is HD, really? Now you know!

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It’s here in black and white from the UK-based Digital Production Partnership, which is “an initiative set up by the UK's public service broadcasters to help producers and broadcasters maximise the potential benefits of digital production.”

Hollywood equipment house AbelCine has been serving the needs of professionals for years. Now they're educating pros too, with two videos explaining Sony F55 camera and post workflow.

16mm was bad. Now, it's good, apparently.

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16mm film, used for almost all TV production in the UK before HD, wasn't considered good enough for digital HD broadcast. But now it is. What's changed? Hint: It's not 16mm film

RedShark Replay: Here's another chance to read our argument that wider screens would be better than 8K. Screens are getting wider: wider than widescreen. And this is a good thing

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