If you're unimpressed with 4K, perhaps you should get your eyes tested!

 Here's another chance to see this article about how there's more to HD than we realise. It might be that we're just not using it properly!

The biggest test for any camera is how it looks in a top-quality cinema

Why 4K is good news for HD users

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It's almost like a miracle! You can get 4:4:4 video from 4:2:0 video - if you downsample from 4K. Michael Ma shows how it's done in this video

Why do we even bother shooting high quality footage when satellite and terrestrial broadcast compression throws it all away?

Don't forget IKONOSKOP!

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With all the noise surrounding the Magic Lantern raw hack, it's easy to forget that raw cameras have been around for some time. It's also easy to forget that well shot and skilfully graded "mere" HD can look very good indeed

How to make HD look like 4K

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Another chance to read how you can make HD look like 4K. It's really not that difficult, when you consider that it's hard to make 4K look like 4K!

 ARRI's intriguing new ENG camera made another tantalizing appearance recently in London. RedShark's Phil Rhodes was there

What is HD, really? Now you know!

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It’s here in black and white from the UK-based Digital Production Partnership, which is “an initiative set up by the UK's public service broadcasters to help producers and broadcasters maximise the potential benefits of digital production.”

Hollywood equipment house AbelCine has been serving the needs of professionals for years. Now they're educating pros too, with two videos explaining Sony F55 camera and post workflow.

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