A GoPro anamorphic lens adaptor for $199!

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Now you can have cinematic widescreen with the GoPro Hero - ready to go with your new 21:9 television!

New types of affordable and lightweight camera mean that there are new types of film making. And the film makers are challenging the skills of "traditional" professionals. Simon Wyndham takes the sport of Kayaking as an example

GoPro goes 360 with Omni rig

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As predicted, VR has been at the forefront of many discussions at NAB. While YouTube’s introduction of live-streaming 360º video has generated many headlines, on the capture front GoPro is leading the way with its new Omni rig.

GoPro ups its game with 35Mb/s firmware upgrade

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The battle between action camcorders is heating up as GoPro adds 35Mb/s recording mode to its flagship Hero 2 camera

The world's smallest 4K interchangeable lens camera

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The Z-Camera E-1 was a head turner in miniature form at NAB and a successful Kickstarter project from 2015 that has made its way on to the showfloor with impressive speed.

Can it really be that long ago? In October 2012 Felix Baumgartner jumped out of the stratosphere and broke the sound barrier. And now we can see exactly what it was like.

GoPro buys Kolor and goes 360 degree spherical

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GoPro's recent acquisition of Kolor is an indication of the company's serious intentions when it comes to creating immersive video.

In recent memory, it seems there has been one name in the inexpensive sport camcorder market: GoPro. Its HD Hero camera set the bar for quality and versatility at a consumer-friendly price-point.

Combining Still and Movie photography in Alaska

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Ned Soltz threw a couple of Sony camera bodies, some lenses, and various GoPro kit into a bag when he headed off on an anniversary trip to Alaska with his wife to see if you can genuinely get the best of both worlds. 

The Letus Anamorphic Adaptor allows the GoPro Hero 3 to shoot glorious cinematic ultra-widescreen footage. It couldn't have come at a better time

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