GoPro has confirmed that the company is developing a drone of its own. Plus, a new six camera array may be just the thing for your next (virtual reality) production. And there's a new lower-end camera as well.

A heroic leap forward: GoPro's new 4K Sports Cam

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Well, how many people saw that coming? A 4K Hero!

Garmin’s redesigned VIRB raises the ActionCam bar

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Like many companies that find themselves suddenly marooned up technological cul-de-sacs, Garmin has been trying to port its navigational expertise into tangental markets, and with the new VIRB it may just have struck gold.

Panasonic GH4: Run-and-gun choice for travelling shooters?

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Guest author Kevin Luiz of Capion Studio gives his take on the Panasonic GH4 as run-and-gun option for shooters who thrive in-between trips to the airport.

A GoPro anamorphic lens adaptor for $199!

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Now you can have cinematic widescreen with the GoPro Hero - ready to go with your new 21:9 television!

Most GoPro competitors cannot match the undoubted POV leader’s picture quality due to insisting on keeping to very low bitrates, but the list of innovative and user friendly features on its rivals just gets better and better. The TomTom Bandit is a case in point.

A just-announced video stabilisation plug-in might be just what you need to steady shaky GoPro footage. And you can try it for free.

You may fall out of your chair when you watch this UAV-mounted GoPro video

GoPro Odyssey 16-camera 3D VR rig now shipping

Published in VR & AR

GoPro's 16 camera professional solution for capturing 360 video for virtual reality, the Odyssey, is now available for mid and high-end VR productions.

A group of Polish engineers, coders, and designers built an augmented reality rig featuring an Oculus Rift and two GoPros, and shared the demonstration / making of video. Is this backyard experiment an indicator of where augmented reality is heading?

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