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Sony FS7 II out and about in New York [footage]

Published in Production

Some modestly graded FS7 II footage reminds us what a great sensor this camera has.

Mark Toia is something of a legend amongst the RED community and he was one of the first people to get their hands on a Helium-powered Weapon (well, the first according to Jarred Land). This 6:06 is what he’s shot with it and, we have to say, it’s rather mind-blowing.

RED Epic-W video breaks cover

Published in Production

It might only be 48 seconds long, but the promo video for RED’s new $29,500 8K Epic-W is certainly enough to whet the appetite.

Sony is currently promoting its a6500 stills camera with some video of an impressively unsafe-looking pyrotechnic ritual from Japan's Chubu region.

Making the Panasonic AG-UX180 sizzle reel [sponsored]

Published in Production

The sizzle reel for the new Panasonic AG-UX180, the handheld professional camera with a 1” 4K sensor and built in 20x zoom Leica lens, shows what the camera is capable of, while this 'making of...' video highlights its impressive versatility behind the lens.

Some more URSA Mini 4.6K content to whet your appetite

Published in Production

The camera might not be with us yet, but French-based DoP Pascal Délé’s ‘Empara Directors Cut’ shows just what the forthcoming unit’s sensor is capable of.

Impressive new footage from the Canon C300 Mark II

Published in Production

There is a lot of footage leaking out on the web from various new cameras at the moment, but we were particularly impressed with this Canon EOS C300 Mark II footage shot for the unit’s Australian release — all 15 stops of it.

GoPro now offers a way to make money from footage

Published in Business

Ubiquitous POV camera leader sets up footage website and solicits content.

Shooting at night with the Sony a7s

Published in Production

Whether it’s just because out own predilections lead us down this path, or whether it’s because there’s great kit out there facilitating it, but there’s an increasing amount of stunning night footage appearing out there. And Miguel Angel Langa’s Night Lights is one of the best.

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