Panasonic finally adds Post Focus to the GH4

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Due by the end of this month, Panasonic’s latest firmware update v2.5 for its GH4 mirrorless camera includes the long awaited implementation of its Post Focus technology.

Blackmagic releases new 1.2 Video Assist firmware

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Blackmagic announced a firmware update that brings Avid DnxHD to the package, along with some useful workflow tweaks.

Convergent Design recently released another firmware update that adds more 4K recording options and support for Blackmagic cameras for its Odyssey 7Q+ display/recorder and Apollo multicam switcher/recorder.

Blackmagic releases beta of huge Camera 4.0 update

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After the release of The URSA Mini 4.6K, Blackmagic Design has been hard at work, not only addressing concerns over some aspects of the image, but also the general usability of the camera. In what transpires to be a huge update by anyone’s standards, it has therefore just has released a public beta of the forthcoming Camera 4.0 Update.

Odyssey 7/7Q/7Q+ & Apollo update "A pretty big deal"

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Convergent Design reckons its most recent firmware update for its Odyssey 7/7Q/7Q+ and Apollo monitor recorders is “a Pretty Big Deal.” Including Titan HD Extract, VariCam LT RAW, ProRes Proxy, ARRIRAW 4:3, EDLs and more, it could have a point.

A recent firmware update for Blackmagic's Fusion 8 VFX software expands interoperability for Avid Media Composer to users of the free version and is now cross-platform.

Sony F5/F55 get major firmware update

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Sony have released a major new firmware update for the F5 and F55 cameras. Version 2.0 of the firmware finally sorts out the high frame rate features of the cameras and thus is a must have

Sony F55/F5 gets 4K 444 RGB!

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Sony outdoes itself with a major firmware update for the F55 and F5 cameras, enabling true 4K RGB recording, among other goodies.

AJA's Ki Pro Ultra 4K recorder gets Avid DNxHD support

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AJA's powerful recorder adds Avid DNxHD codec support to enable more workflows.

JVC adds 120fps HD to GY-LS300

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JVC has announced a new slow motion recording upgrade for its GY-LS300 4KCAM handheld Super 35 camcorder.

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