ARRI Amira now captures in Prores 4444 XQ

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ARRI has recently expanded the capabilities of both the Alexa Mini and Amira, enabling new shooting modes and other goodies.

Sony releases FS7 v4.0 firmware

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Sony has released its promised version 4.0 firmware for the PMW-FS7, while supplies of the camera remain affected by April’s Kumamoto earthquake.

Panasonic finally adds Post Focus to the GH4

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Due by the end of this month, Panasonic’s latest firmware update v2.5 for its GH4 mirrorless camera includes the long awaited implementation of its Post Focus technology.

Sony packs in useful features with v3.0 FS7 firmware

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With its recent firmware update, the Sony FS7 now includes many features that should satisfy plenty of user demands.

In the wake of the Atomos Shogun 4K recorder's first significant firmware update, RedShark News Technical Editor Phil Rhodes weighs in on the red-hot device.

Digital Bolex releases firmware upgrade 1.4: "Dirawong"

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The latest firmware has dropped for the Digital Bolex, along with an interesting new naming convention!

Sony F55/F5 gets 4K 444 RGB!

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Sony outdoes itself with a major firmware update for the F55 and F5 cameras, enabling true 4K RGB recording, among other goodies.

SmallHD just released a significant firmware update to its popular 500-series of field displays, including expanded LUT capabilities, RGB waveform parade, anamorphic desqueeze and more. But does this mean the 500-series monitors are now 'feature-complete'?

Sony releases v1.11 firmware to correct FS5 issues

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Two issues are addressed in this update available today, one to do with codec performance in flat, graduated areas of the picture, and one to do with noise reduction artefacts in moving objects.

Major firmware update for Blackmagic Cinema Camera

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The unavailability of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera until recently has not slowed down the software development team. They've just released version 1.2, the headline feature of which is Timelapse

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