While the 2014 launch of Apple's updated mobile devices led to an avalanche of sales, the decision to stick with HD video recording underwhelmed some techies. We take a look at the issue and surmise at least three reasons why your new iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 doesn't shoot 4K video.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference could have been this year's showcase for new pro hardware announcements or a Final Cut Pro X roadmap, but sadly, it was neither.

Opinion: Which are the best NLEs right now?

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Jonny Elwyn dishes on the conversation every editor has when meeting another editor.

A detailed look at the Color Finale FCPX color grading plug-in, which supports the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video chart for a more consistent grade.

London’s Soho Editors has just produced an event, FCPXWorld, looking into the deep mechanics of FCPX 10.30 and is restaging it in Berlin on Friday 18 November.

The LUTx plugin for Final Cut Pro X adds some useful features over and above what you might expect from a  standard LUT plugin.

Apple Releases FCP X 10.0.6

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Apple has released FCP X 10.0.6, perhaps the most far reaching of all updates since the released of FCP X in June, 2011.

Magic Bullet Suite 13 reviewed

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RedShark Review: Red Giant releases Magic Bullet Suite 13, a complete grading solution for Adobe products, as well as Final Cut Pro X.

Is the end finally near for Final Cut Pro 7?

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Four years after Apple pulled the plug,  Final Cut Pro 7 still plays an important role in the industry. But, with rumours that it will not run on the forthcoming El Capitan OS growing, how long can editors keep relying on it? By Andrew Johnstone.

At the FCP Exchange workshops held in Las Vegas during NAB 2016, Denver Riddle of Color Grading Central previewed some upcoming updates to Color Finale for FCP X.

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