At the FCP Exchange workshops held in Las Vegas during NAB 2016, Denver Riddle of Color Grading Central previewed some upcoming updates to Color Finale for FCP X.

Is it finally time to move on from the Mac?

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Enough is enough. Simon Wyndham is a long-time Mac user, but, like more than a few others, in the wake of the new MacBook Pro announcement he is now considering changing computing and NLE platforms. 

A detailed look at the Color Finale FCPX color grading plug-in, which supports the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video chart for a more consistent grade.

RedShark review: Automatic Duck's solution for making Motion a more useful tool in Final Cut Pro X workflows.

Apple Releases FCP X 10.0.6

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Apple has released FCP X 10.0.6, perhaps the most far reaching of all updates since the released of FCP X in June, 2011.

RedShark Review: CrumplePop BetterStabilizer plug-in

Published in Production

We check out FxFactory's CrumplePop BetterStabilizer plug-in, an improvement over FCP X's native options, but how does it compare to Adobe's Warp Stabilizer?

While the 2014 launch of Apple's updated mobile devices led to an avalanche of sales, the decision to stick with HD video recording underwhelmed some techies. We take a look at the issue and surmise at least three reasons why your new iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 doesn't shoot 4K video.

We're wondering whether FCP X was always designed with the New Mac Pro in mind - years before either was launched

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference could have been this year's showcase for new pro hardware announcements or a Final Cut Pro X roadmap, but sadly, it was neither.

Into the top half of our Top Ten countdown and this opinion piece from Clayton Moore: Ahead of a significant Apple event on Thursday (this was back in October) he wondered how the company's wildly successful efforts in the consumer space could point to a future NLE resurgence and the rebirth of Final Cut Pro.

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