10 things Editors would like to say to Directors

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Replay: what editors would really like camera operators to do to help out the process.

How powerful are the new Macbook Pros?

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A recent demonstration of the Macbook Pro exhibited the laptop playing multiple simultaneous 4K streams, which is an impressive lot of horsepower in a portable device.

Editing the Hunger Games…in a truck!

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From the Alexa to Avid, how Mockingjay 1 and 2 were put together -  including the fact that cutting two marquee movies at once meant that going mobile everywhere, even in the edit room, was the best way to cope.

Not everyone likes meetings, but getting a bunch of people together in a room with a whiteboard is an almost unbeatably effective way to share information. Everyone sees data and ideas at the same time, and there’s instant feedback. So why don't more editors do it?

Want to liven up your footage in post? Try adding some light leak overlays to your video editing arsenal. These versatile drag-and-drop elements can make a world of difference.

The art of light [sponsored]

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For beginner filmmakers still learning the many ways lighting influences cinematic mood and style, there's a quick short-cut: movie trailers. By Demis Lyall-Wilson. 

And so we reach the end of our Top 10 countdown for the year, and it wasn't a camera story that nailed the top spot, it was back to post production and all things Mac-based. Or the future lack of them, as this article about facilities increasingly adopting PC-based systems, capped off by the recent introduction of the GTX 1080, reported. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds in 2017. 

Making sounds in the editing room

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RedShark Replay: Guest Author Vladomir Boboshin details exactly what you can do when your role shifts from editor to emergency sound designer.

How to Edit - Part 2: Ingest & Assemble

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RedShark Replay: Part two of our comprehensive guide to editing looks at bringing your material into the NLE.

How To Edit - a recap

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Peter Haas' recent "How to Edit" series has been extremely popular, but we omitted a link to the final part, which means that many of you missed it. All the correct links are given below

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