Digital Bolex, creators of the D16 digital cinema camera, put their $400 Bolex/Kish lenses up against some heavy-weight contenders that cost thousands more.

Digital Bolex's Bonanza of Announcements!

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In advance of IBC, the team at Digital Bolex released a slew of news of great importance to its fans and users.

This year's NAB show has proved to be an interesting one for Digital Bolex, and perhaps not in a way that they would have wanted. With Blackmagic announcing (out of the blue!) their Pocket Cinema Camera - essentially at 16mm digital cinema camera - the "digital 16mm" space is now alive with competition

Digital Bolex: It's a drama

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Never mind that it will be used to shoot drama - the story behind the design and production of the Digital Bolex D16 is a drama in itself


RedShark's reporter in New York went to the "Pre Launch" party for the Digital Bolex D16, and, afterwards, used the camera for the first time. Clearly impressed, here's Peter Haas's report

It's one thing to have an idea for a product, and it's quite another to have it designed, prototyped and manufactured. If the idea is brilliant but if the execution is flawed, then the product, and the company behind it is going to have a hard time

Want emotion? Go black-and-white

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Here's a music video that leverages black-and-white cinematography and a simple concept for a surprisingly emotional result.

Digital Bolex unveils a set of c-mount prime lenses that are as unique as the Bolex itself

First moving images from Digital Bolex

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Progress on the Digital Bolex camera seems slow but is moving in the right direction with the release of the first moving images

 Here's another chance to read this great article by Phil Rhodes on why cameras need global shutters. Cheaper, cinematic cameras come with a cost - they tend to have Rolling Shutters, which means that rapid movement can be skewed. The ability to buy cameras with global shutters at all price points can't come soon enough, according to Phil Rhodes

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