Lord of the Skies: meet the new $2999 DJI Inspire 2

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DJI’s announcement of not one but two new drones and cameras, the very impressively specced Inspire 2 and the prosumer Phantom 4 Pro, shows that it is still driving drone R&D as hard as ever.

While the new Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro were causing lots of initial excitement after their announcements, DJI has got another ace up its sleeve that fell somewhat below the radar: monitoring.

Finding the sweet spot for camera design

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Opinion: When coming up with the next great camera, perhaps manufacturers should give more thought as to how actual humans physically hold cameras.

DJI makes its clever camera mount hand-held

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First announced at CES, a new, very cool looking, lightweight, single-handed operation handheld camera mount has been developed by DJI to hold the detachable Inspire 1 4K camera and gimbal.

All about drones, moral panics, and the UK press

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DJI delivers an unprecendented announcement in response to a recent report in UK papers about complaints of drone use.

We’ve detailed recently the hoops you have to go through to get a professional drone license nowadays, but for those that just want to shoot some video for their own use, DJI has just released the $799 Phantom 3 Standard.

Drone Report: Red-hot consumer UAVs for filmmakers

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Guest author George Krieger, cinematographer and drone pilot (amongst many other things) takes us on a drone tour circa 2015, revealing the hottest consumer drones that will undoubtedly find their way to productions near you.

Is the 3DR Solo the most adaptable drone yet?

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The 3DR Solo has evolved from an interesting yet buggy newcomer in the drone market to become a versatile and reliable performer. And there may be more to come.

Aerial Competition: Win a DJI Mavic Pro and other prizes

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PremiumBeat is running a cracker of a competition giving you the chance of winning a DJI Mavic Pro and other great prizes.

DJI Osmo Mobile: good run and gun on a budget?

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RedShark Review: The DJI Osmo Mobile is capable of turning your smartphone into a true run-and-gun or B-cam option, which is an impressive feat for a $299 piece of hardware.

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