Digital Bolex comes alive

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Digital Bolex is documenting every twist and turn of the D16's development. Here's an important one: it works!

The Digital Bolex team has hinted at some exciting announcements to be made at this year's CineGear 2015. While everyone onboard has remained relatively quiet over details, here's what we know so far...

Digital Bolex D16 will ship this week

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We've just heard from the Digital Bolex people that their Digital 16mm CCD, global shutter camera will be shipping this week. Here are the first details

It's one thing to have an idea for a product, and it's quite another to have it designed, prototyped and manufactured. If the idea is brilliant but if the execution is flawed, then the product, and the company behind it is going to have a hard time

There are a LOT of cameras coming out!

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This is going to be a bumper month for camera reviews!

Digital Bolex releases firmware upgrade 1.4: "Dirawong"

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The latest firmware has dropped for the Digital Bolex, along with an interesting new naming convention!

Why are some cameras so expensive while others are so cheap?

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RedShark Replay: Why is there such a huge difference in the price of some cameras, which might both be supposedly "Cinema Quality"?

Digital Bolex: Testing in low light

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How does the Digital Bolex D16 perform in low light? Peter Haas finds out for RedShark

First moving images from Digital Bolex

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Progress on the Digital Bolex camera seems slow but is moving in the right direction with the release of the first moving images

Products like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and the upcoming Digital Bolex D16 - not to mention Magic Lantern-hacked EOS cameras are all capable of producing raw video. Just a few years back, virtually no-one had encountered this strange new format. Now, it's all over the place. Peter Haas looks at how you deal with this stuff in the real world

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