Here are assets and tools that will greatly enhance your video editing workflow.

A beginner's intro to colour grading

Published in Post & VFX

Following our link to the incredibly popular Editor's Lounge colour correction video last week, a video that touches on the topic of 'storytelling with colour', which you may know as colour grading.

ACES high. With the technology looking set to feature prominently at NAB, Red Shark Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes, delves into the complexities of the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES). Part One looks at the problems it sets out to solve.

Sony's latest range of Televisions, the W9 series, feature a new backlighting technology which massively increases the range of colours that can be displayed.

Colour correction in Blender: an excellent tutorial

Published in Post & VFX

We've just found a really excellent video tutorial about Blender's colour correction tools. It's not just a good lesson in colour manipulation: it reminds us what a powerful tool Blender really is

Magic Bullet Looks - RedShark Review including video

Published in Post & VFX

In the first of a two-part series, RedShark News Contributor Kevin Luiz explores the current incarnation of Red Giant's popular Magic Bullet Looks, the colour-grading centerpiece of the Magic Bullet Suite.

Good taste by committee equals bland taste by committee

Published in Production

Often, creative decisions made by groups tend to be conservative, limiting the opportunity for brave choices. The result, whether you're a DoP or a screenwriter, tends towards the bland.

After close to three months developing and testing, Blackmagic has brought the latest version of its popular editing and colour grading suite, DaVinci Resolve 12.5, out of beta. This, you feel, is an essential upgrade.

The dangers of overcooking the grade

Published in Post & VFX

Simon Wyndham argues that when grading, especially to an extreme, one should consider whether the grade will enhance or detract from the overall viewer experience.

Computer colour is broken

Published in Technology & Computing

Computer software has been getting colour wrong all the time

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