How to completely break the rules with colour

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Understand the basics, know how to calibrate and set white balance - and then you can break all the rules if you want to!

Our countdown reaches Number Two and Terence Curren's extremely popular piece on grading. When it comes to setting the look, colorists and DPs need to talk early and talk often as working together results in the best images with the least pain and expense. 

Good taste by committee equals bland taste by committee

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Often, creative decisions made by groups tend to be conservative, limiting the opportunity for brave choices. The result, whether you're a DoP or a screenwriter, tends towards the bland.

The role of the colourist

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RedShark Replay: A breakdown of a Mitsubishi commercial from early 2016 highlights the importance of a good colourist.

Colour correction in Blender: an excellent tutorial

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We've just found a really excellent video tutorial about Blender's colour correction tools. It's not just a good lesson in colour manipulation: it reminds us what a powerful tool Blender really is

In the third and final part of Red Shark Technical Editor, Phil Rhodes' examination of the complexities of the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), we look at how it's working out in the real world.

Reliable and affordable studio backlighting

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Flanders Scientific has released a budget-friendly option for lighting your colour grading suite.

While there's a lot still to discuss concerning Da Vinci Resolve 12.5, here we focus on two features that may seriously impact your colour management workflow.

New cameras, new kit, but what about new workflow?

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Today will see the first major round of Press events at NAB in Las Vegas, as the world’s broadcast and film technology manufacturers announce what they will be releasing to make our lives easier in the next 12 months. That’s what they hope, but what do we expect? Miguel Ferros reports

Here are assets and tools that will greatly enhance your video editing workflow.

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