The truth about ETTR - Exposing To The Right

Published in Production

We examine the method of "exposing to the right" and why it may or may not improve image quality.

Increased resolution means hitting focus is more critical than ever. But have advancements in resolution outstripped our ability to determine when an image is in sharp focus?

How to work with high ISO

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Barry Braverman took the ISO 5000 Panasonic Varicam 35 out for a night shoot in Paris, an experience which has left him with some very definite opinions on the difficulties of shooting at high ISO.

Ask not what your camera can do for you...

Published in Production

Has the fixation on replicating a film's look become another form of gear addiction?

Does the zoom lens have a future?

Published in Production

Replay: One of the surprising things over the last decade television and video has been the rise of the fixed focal length, prime lens. What does it mean for the future of the zoom lens?

How to shoot quickly and simply with log

Published in Production

Phil Rhodes takes a close look at methods for using LUTs and one (or two) approaches that may lead to greater consistency on-set and fewer headaches in post. The answer is log.

Our countdown reaches Number Two and Terence Curren's extremely popular piece on grading. When it comes to setting the look, colorists and DPs need to talk early and talk often as working together results in the best images with the least pain and expense. 

Five Must Read Film Tech Blogs

Published in Technology & Computing

Cinematography, editing, motion graphics, VFX, 3D animation, film gear - In the second of a three-part series, we profile five blogs that are wonderful resources for moving picture technical professionals.

Shooting in near total darkness

Published in Production

Hollywood cinematographer and frequent RedShark News contributor Barry Braverman shares his thoughts on the trend of shooting in low light and wide open.

Can Cinematography be too good?

Published in Technology & Computing

Are we getting too carried away with glossy, beautiful, some might say pretentious looking productions, when often a simpler production style would be better?

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