How do you make the right choice from the plethora of good cameras available today? Especially if you want to make a film on your own.

Codex boldly takes its 4K recording system, paired with a Canon C500, where it has never gone before, for a 12 month tour of duty in orbit around the Earth.

New "Picture Style" Preset for EOS video makers

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Canon has announced a "Picture Style" preset for EOS cameras designed as a result of feedback from EOS video makers

4 Odyssey 7Qs needed for Canon 8K EOS prototype

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Canon's impressive introduction of an 8K Cinema EOS camera was assisted by Convergent Design's monitor/recorders - four of them, to be precise.

Here’s a great new video by a fellow called James Miller which is creating a bit of a stir around the internet as “the most beautiful video” from the Canon raw video hack so far

Video comparison between Canon 1D C and Sony F55

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Two very different cameras with the same claim: very high quality 4K footage

RedShark Review: Canon CN7x17 17-120mm zoom

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Phil Rhodes takes a look at the Canon CN7x17, a 17-120mm 'cinema' zoom with ENG roots and probably the Fujinon 19-90mm's principal competitor, plus the CN20x50 - Canon's normal-to-super-telephoto zoom (50-1000mm).

NewTek's Tricaster Mini boards Virgin Atlantic

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Virgin Atlantic has begun featuring live musical performances at its Heathrow Clubhouse, kicked off by a set from rising star Andreya Triana, recorded via Canon cameras and the Tricaster Mini.

Nikon is aggressively marketing its new D7200 DSLR as a video shooter. It certainly seems to show that the company understands the market and what it demands, but as the industry slowly turns its mind towards NAB could it just be a hint of much more to come?

Where next for Canon's Cinema Cameras?

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 In the midst of rumours about Canon's Cinema Camera range, Phil Rhodes looks at the problems posed by updating your camera range too soon.

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