Opinion: The debate over the video capabilities of Canon’s latest EOS 5D Mark IV seems to have largely lost sight of the fact that, when the EOS 5D range first came out eleven years ago, video wasn’t even in the picture.

Most people assume that quad/hexacopters are built that way because they're easy to position in space. But wait till you see this

Canon has announced the release of the worlds smallest and lightest DSLR camera which, in America, will go by the name of the Rebel SL1 and in Europe as the EOS 100D

Is it hard to set up 4K recording?

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Most of us, if we're honest, struggle slightly when it comes to configuring even HD equipment and settings. There are enough combinations of frame rates, codecs and resolutions that just about everyone has to stop and think when they're setting up their gear

Presumed leaked specs of the forthcoming Canon 5D Mk IV appear to continue recent video trends for the EOS line.

Here’s a great new video by a fellow called James Miller which is creating a bit of a stir around the internet as “the most beautiful video” from the Canon raw video hack so far

Canon EOS-1D C 4K DSLR's staggering $4000 price drop!

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Canon surprises by discounting its only 4K camera in a DSLR body by a full third of its original MSRP.

The new Canon EOS C700 impresses in the field

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Brett Danton shot the highly-regarded C300 Mark II launch film in Greece which won an ACS award for cinematography. His current project ramps things up yet further and involves one of the first uses in anger of the new $28,000 Canon EOS C700. Initial feedback is very positive.

First footage from Canon’s 4 million ISO camera

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Norway’s Aurora Skycam has become the first company in the world to use the Canon ME20F-SH, capturing some rather stunning footage of the Northern Lights as a result.

Opinion: Is the DSLR dead?

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With the ever-increasing choice in video cameras, some strong opinions are emerging. Craig Marshall reports

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