Lynx: A camera that makes 3D models

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This future camera captures the world in 3D models; yet another exciting innovation funded through Kickstarter.

The paralysis of choice: The modern camera has a vast array of available features, but too often we find ourselves having to jump through hoops to get basic usability via add-ons, or standing in front of a bewilderingly long and involved menu scratched our heads trying to work out what it is we actually want. Just like buying a coffee. As Simon Wyndham writes, this needs to change.

Canon’s EOS C300 Mark II cleared for broadcast

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The European Broadcast Union has had the Canon EOS C300 Mark II independently tested and cleared it for use on HD and Ultra HD programmes. It might sound overly bureaucratic, but such paperwork is really important for the way a camera is perceived in the industry.

We have become so used to technological progress with mainstream video cameras being dizzyingly relentless that it’s almost a shock to come across a field where the dominant models are two years old and, as yet, there are no new ones on the horizon.

The dangers of relying on camera shootouts

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They’re often entertaining and they undeniably create headlines, but we need to stop treating camera shootouts as if they give us the definitive picture.

How to complain effectively

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In case this seems like a really downbeat title for an article, please let me reassure you that it’s not. In fact it’s more of a tale about a really nice world where nice people say nice things to each other, and, ultimately, get their broken cameras fixed. Or something like that....

In our article How should we test cameras? we asked what was better: unblinking scientific testing or judging on the percieved quality of the image, and we discussed some of the issues surrounding camera evaluations. But we thought it was only right to get the perspective from the people on the front-end doing the reviews themselves. Here, Roland Denning says the ultimate test takes time.

When to adjust your camera settings

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Modern cameras have a lot of user-adjustable settings, but which are the ones you should be fiddling with and which are the ones you really should leave alone.

You don't need cameras any more

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Have a close look at this video clip. It’s an advert for a high-end kitchen worktop manufacturer. Watch it in 720p, and look as closely as you can at the camerawork, the clever use of depth of field, the lighting, and particularly the fresh fruit.

And then reflect on the fact that no cameras - or indeed fruit - were involved in the making of this at all.

NAB, which is without any question the time and place each year when the biggest announcements are made, is only three weeks away. We'll be there in force, bringing you the most important stories. Meanwhile, it's useful to see what others are predicting at the show

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