Do we look at CES as a vision of the future, or do we look at it with a mixture of laughter and astonishment at how technology companies can find very complicated ways of doing simple things?

The first big event of the year, CES, arrives hot on the heels of the New Year break. David Shapton looks at some of the technologies that may be making an appearance first on the showfloor and then in your living room not long after.

LG unleashes a pre-emptive strike on the competition by announcing its CES lineup weeks before the show.

Where the Panasonic GH5 excels: in detail

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The Panasonic GH5 represents a significant upgrade over the previous GH4, which is all the more impressive given that its very popular successor isn’t even three years old yet. Here, in detail, are all the upgrades and improvements.

Samsung's M9500 Blu-ray player, an early release in the field of HDR-compatible consumer devices and on show later this week at CES, could signal the start of a movement away from Dolby Vision.

Two shorts shot with the Nikon D5

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Nikon announced its full frame 4K shooter at CES and is wasting no time to show what it can do, as attested by these two shorts made with the camera.

Amid all the usual hoopla about wacky gadgets — this year being AI toothbrushes, robotic cushion cleaners and walk around VR — you can rest assured that the old product category of TVs is where the largest manufacturers are putting most of their marketing and R&D. These were the CES 2017 highlights.

The 360-degree cameras of CES 2017

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There are clear gaps in the market for affordable, professional 360-degree cameras. Did CES 2017 come close to plugging any of them? Matt Aindow reports.

GoPro rival first to launch 4K 60fps action cam

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Chinese developer Yi Technologies has teased a new 4K action camera ahead of CES which it claims will be the first to shoot at 60 frames a second.

Cheaper 4K TVs are coming

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We don't want to labour the point, but 4K televisions are coming faster than most people think they will.

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