First user footage from the Digital Bolex D16

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 Digital Bolex has been delivering their first D16 cameras and so of course we're now seeing some footage from this Kickstarter-funded camera

Digital Bolex back in 2012: 16mm for the 21st Century?

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With news that Digital Bolex is to stop making cameras, today's RedShark Replay takes us back to December 2012 and a time when a Kickstarter-funded digital 16mm camera was one of the year's most intriguing stories. Peter Haas talked to Joe Rubinstein, co-founder of Digital Bolex.

Making sense of Sensors - part 2

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As we saw in my previous article on sensor technology, we can now build sensors with enormous numbers attached to them - if not trivially, at least reliably. Given that current 4K sensors are more than adequate to replace 35mm film in terms of sheer resolution, we need to be careful about turning this into a numbers game.

Digital Bolex is out in the wild: First unboxing video

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Reports are coming in that some lucky KickStarter backers are starting to receive their D16 digital cinema cameras just before the holiday season

Why would you use CCD when CMOS is newer and cheaper?

Is it a camera or an Objet D'Art? Is it both? This is in equal parts a story about design, business and technology. It's about a sucessful ambition to create something new, different and good. RedShark's Peter Haas owns a Digital Bolex D16 and has some very illuminating observations about it.

Sony ENG vs Super-35 and the challenges of ergonomics

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A recent Sony event had some interesting insights on how current ENG and Super-35 cinema cameras compare to one another (and how well one could shoot in the other's style).

When I shot on the D16 last year with Joe and Elle in New York City's Central Park, I was able to get an initial impression of the camera (which I wrote about here.) Now that cameras are shipping to KickStarter backers, I was able to get my hands on one and take to the streets to start shooting!

Replay: Phil Rhodes explains why luminance is so important within photography

 We think this may be the first finished documentary film shot entirely on an Digital Bolex D16. And the D16 may be the only camera that you could fit into this tiny cafe in New York

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