How to break into filmmaking

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How do you become a good filmmaker? How do you make movies that people actually watch and earn a living from it at the same time. Don Starnes has some advice.

Increasingly, marketers are turning to 'Social Media Influencers' to spread their messages, but how does this phenomenon impact traditional production?

Why working for free is a bad idea

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RedShark Replay: Been asked to provide your services for free lately? Andrew Johnstone on the insidious nature of The Culture of Free.

What were the video trends in 2012?

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Probably the best way to find the real trends of the past year is to understand what people have been buying. And few would know better than Peter Savage, Managing Director of Azule Finance, a Berkshire, UK - based finance house supporting the creative industries

Phil Rhodes on the seemingly unending delays that companies place on payments to freelancers and the top categories of excuses that tend to crop up whenever the invoice is chased.

Wooden Camera finds a new home at Vitec

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The Dallas-based camera accessory company has been acquired by Vitec PLC.

Should companies release new cameras every year? Or should they release cameras with longer lifespans at higher cost?

5 Tips on Making Stunning Wedding Videos [sponsored]

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It is a big business and a decent livelihood for a lot of people, and here are five ways that you can take your wedding videos (and your business) to the next level.

Opinion: Too many cameras are bad for business

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One interesting perspective available from the halls of NAB if you knew who to talk to came from the hire company/equipment rental bosses who, faced with yet more camera models and accessories to be added to their fleets, are starting to feel the strain.

Why did Foxconn buy into GoPro?

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Who's the biggest electronics manufacturing company in the world? Samsung? Sony? Apple?

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