Digital Bolex: 100 changes

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Digital Bolex, the plucky little Kickstarter-funded company that's designed what is effectively a digital 16mm camera for the 21st Century has posted a long article on their site detailing the one hundred or so changes that they've implemented since they had their original vision. Some of them were are about ergonomics, but others bump the specification up considerably

Why would you use CCD when CMOS is newer and cheaper?

More signs that the Digital Bolex D16 is coming to life. The picture above is one of the first raw images to come from this much awaited camera

So why do cameras look like cameras?

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We recently wrote about how you would design a camera of the future starting with a completely blank piece of paper. But how did cameras evolve their current form factor and how does antiquated technology still determine their shape today?

Digital Bolex gets its guts

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The Digital Bolex, one of 2012’s most anticipated cameras, is taking a little longer to arrive than first promised. But we’ve got proof that the Kickstarter darling is finally coming together

Digital Bolex back in 2012: 16mm for the 21st Century?

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With news that Digital Bolex is to stop making cameras, today's RedShark Replay takes us back to December 2012 and a time when a Kickstarter-funded digital 16mm camera was one of the year's most intriguing stories. Peter Haas talked to Joe Rubinstein, co-founder of Digital Bolex.

When I shot on the D16 last year with Joe and Elle in New York City's Central Park, I was able to get an initial impression of the camera (which I wrote about here.) Now that cameras are shipping to KickStarter backers, I was able to get my hands on one and take to the streets to start shooting!

Digital Bolex: First video of actual camera

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The first video showing the actual body of the Digital Bolex D16 has arrived. It's another piece of evidence that this camera might actually become a commercial product

Low light testing with the Digital Bolex D16

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RedShark's East Coast correspondent Peter Haas has a Digital Bolex D16 had has been testing this fascinating and newly-shipping camera under low light conditions

Digital Bolex: It's a drama

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Never mind that it will be used to shoot drama - the story behind the design and production of the Digital Bolex D16 is a drama in itself

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