Sky and other broadcasters tight-lipped on 4K

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Sky TV (one of the UK's major broadcaster and widely viewed across Europe) is remaining tight-lipped about their plans for 4K. RedShark contacted them recently with an interview request and the response was that no-one was available. This is in stark contrast to when they were launching 3D, when they were somewhat more effusive about their 3D roadmap

Getting a "look" right is traditionally thought of as something you do in post. And you definitely wouldn't expect a quite strong look to be applied to a multi camera live TV shoot. But that's exactly what the BBC has done in this performance from Jool's Holland's "Later... with Jool's Holland" from BBC 2 on 19th May 2015

The BBC Micro might not mean much to readers outside the UK, but over 1.5m copies of this education-oriented computer were sold in the 1980s — and now there is a successor.

BBC signs deal with Hulu for 2000 programmes

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The BBC have signed a deal with web streaming service Hulu to provide 2000 programmes. Most will be available on Hulu Plus, the subscription based service from Hulu

BBC experiments with holographic TV

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*Now* we’re living in the future. Holographic TV has been a mainstay of science fiction for years to such as extent that even the BBC can’t resist namechecking the Princess Leia hologram from Star Wars: A New Hope when it talks about it. Science fiction though has a way of becoming science reality.

How's this for geekiness! On the night of 25th to 26th of March the UK's BBC HD channel will hand over to BBC Two HD, and in the programme break it will be your last chance to see iconic BBC test cards going back to 1934. Sometimes in the early days, testcards were all you had for entertainment on the "box".

It's 4K month in RedShark but we're obviously covering 8K as well - it's all part of the Ultra HD "standard". It's good to see major national broadcasters taking an interest as well

The BBC’s Planet Earth was one of the most influential programmes in the history of television and was a huge influence on the uptake of HD sets and services when it first transmitted in 2006. Can the sequel have the same effect with 4K?

Following on from our post about Microsofts Illumiroom technology it seems the BBC are also working on a technology to surround you with images 

The BBC is about to make available what is possibly going to be the biggest landmark release for the 4K UHD Blu-ray format yet: Planet Earth II.

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