BBC places order for over 500 small cameras from JVC

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Great news for JVC in Europe as the BBC orders over 500 cameras from the Japanese company. It's probably fair to say that this was a surprise for everyone, including JVC, as it was assumed by most people that Sony would get this order

4K a long way off according to BBC

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How close are we to the day when big, national broadcasters are going to provide is with 4K television channels?

Not very, if yesterday's announcement by the BBC is anything to go by

When the UK experienced the biggest explosion in peacetime at the Buncefield Oil Depot in Hemel Hempstead, I was right there, and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Nor did the rest of the country.

Remember Super 16mm?

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Even if you don’t, it seems a lot of fairly influential people do. Directors UK, the 4500-strong professional association of directors working with the moving image in the UK, has sent a letter signed by 32 of Britain’s most renowned exponents of the art to the BBC’s Creative Director, Alan Yentob, calling for a review of the BBC’s Technical Guidelines on film delivery for HD

How's this for geekiness! On the night of 25th to 26th of March the UK's BBC HD channel will hand over to BBC Two HD, and in the programme break it will be your last chance to see iconic BBC test cards going back to 1934. Sometimes in the early days, testcards were all you had for entertainment on the "box".

The BBC celebrates 90 years of innovation

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The BBC have produced a 60 second clip looking back at key points in its history

Following on from the impressive demo that Nvidia showed last week, the BBC have made a report about the technology being used to create digital likenesses of actors in Hollywood 

The BBC’s Planet Earth was one of the most influential programmes in the history of television and was a huge influence on the uptake of HD sets and services when it first transmitted in 2006. Can the sequel have the same effect with 4K?

Despite the frivolous nature of the Eurovision Song Contest, the EBU is does work that is beneficial to broadcasters across the world

Freya Black on the strange case of Sir David Attenborough, his seminal 'Zoo Quest' natural history production from the 1950s, and some recently unearthed colour 16mm footage.

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