Can this really be true? A 3D iPad? Coming next year? We think so.

Apple’s WWDC 2013: "Can’t Innovate anymore, my ass!" Our Apple correspondent, K Stewart, reports that Apple is turning again to its core "professional" following, who have felt neglected recently

Just how powerful is the new mobile processor from Apple going to be?

The iPhone camera might be getting a serious upgrade

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In a move that rather slipped under the radar last week, Apple has acquired a smartphone camera specialist called LinX Imaging which claims it ports DSLR performance to the smartphone platform.

What does Apple have in store for television?

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Apple’s history with TV has been slightly fractious. Steve Jobs for one did not really want anything to do with it, but it now looks like it’s making big plans for one of its smaller devices, the Apple TV box.

We look at Wordeo, the iPhone and iPod touch video messaging app created to bring words to life

Apple's results are a foggy glimpse into the heart of this giant company. Through the mist you sometimes see the future. K. Stewart explains

Apple reveals its latest plans at WWDC15

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Apple Music, Metal for Mac OS Pro Apps and plenty more at WWDC15. This was a sprawling, diffuse keynote that, if nothing else, helped illustrate how Steve Jobs’ famously focused company has evolved to compete on so many different fronts, even if the product line would still fit on a single table. Report by K. Stewart.

Will Apple's new iPad Pro be the ultimate tablet?

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As expected, Apple launched a new iPad Pro and a rethought, app-centric Apple TV at its September 9 event. There is some interesting devil in the detail though. K.Stewart reports.

Ever since Apple launched the Apple TV set top box there have been rumours of an actual TV with Apple technology inside. Now it seems the TV may be a 4K resolution set...

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